The End of Magnet4Marketing?

Well not quite the end but there are some big changes happening over the next few months as far as this blog is concerned and I wanted to address them with you, the few but loyal readers of Magnet4Marketing… thank you for your continued support.

Samantha and I have just returned from Internet World Expo 2012 in London which was very educational. We benefited greatly from speaking to real SEO and marketing experts, and attended some fantastic seminars on social media, direct and digital marketing, advertising, web hosting, affiliate marketing, eCommerce and blogging. We particularly enjoyed the 5 instantly actionable insights from Google Analytics talk by Kelvin Newman. We didn’t get time to speak to everyone who we made appointments to meet, so I apologize now.

Fabrizio Van Marciano at Internet World Expo 2012

OK so meanwhile back at HQ, we’ve been hit hard by that nasty Panda, and we’re still loosing tons of search engine traffic as I write this, it’s quite disheartening, in fact it’s enough to make me personally want to throw in the towel and abandon ship to maybe focus on my other more profitable online businesses, but I don’t plan to quit just yet…

You can check out my post on 6 Panda Killing Tips To Optimize Your Blog After Google Panda Update

So what’s the plan for the Magnet4Marketing blog?

Deleting Posts on Magnet4Marketing

Since the turn of 2012 and since the effects of Panda has been more and more prominent, we’ve deleted over 200 articles from the blog, these were thin content posts that were getting zero traffic, had high bounce rates, had zero value to the end reader and some which sounded like they’d been written by a 10 year old… As a matter of fact it’s been quite an eye opener, especially to see how differently I write my posts now to how I did almost 2 years ago.

Samantha and I are continuing to remove posts that we feel has no value, and rewriting some of the posts that are getting lots of traffic, but have a high bounce rate or doesn’t answer questions etc.

Publishing More Guest Posts

We’re also publishing a lot more guest posts on the blog which you might have noticed; we’ve even started to pay some writers to come and write for us. This leaves us with plenty of time to focus on making the blog more ‘Panda friendly’ so to speak, as well as continuing to market and promote content.

Getting Rid of Google AdSense

We’ve been making a steady income from Google AdSense over the last 12 months or so, somewhere between $70 and $100 a month, but we’ve decided to remove it for the time being. I guess it’s our way of telling Google to shove it!

Instead we’ll only be promoting affiliate links and a few affiliate banners on the blog. We might introduce AdSense back later on in the year, when we win some of our traffic back perhaps.

We want to focus a lot more of providing our current and new readers with quality content, and not just serve them with ads.

New Logo Design

We’ve been working closely with Ifham Khan (Graphic Logo Designer) on a new logo design for the blog, we’re still finalizing everything but you might see a new header logo on the blog in the coming weeks.

We were also thinking about changing the blog’s theme, however we like the News Child theme (Affiliate link) on Genesis, so this will suffice for the next 12 months or so or until we decide to invest in a customized theme.

Well that’s all I wanted to get off my chest for now folks, I’ll be publishing a full monthly report (income and traffic) as usual in the coming days.

Thanks once again for your continued support throughout April

Fabrizio Van Marciano

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  1. making $70 and $100 a month makes no that the really th End of Magnet4Marketing?
    Atishay jain recently posted…When You Are Unhappy with Your Life – A Thought from Stillness SpeaksMy Profile

    • Exactly… Which is why we are removing AdSense… It makes no sense to have it on the blog for just $70 a month. I guess it’s the end of a lot of things on Magnet4Marketing and the beginning of many new things to come.

  2. Come on guys you are no the only one hit by this stupid Panda or Pengiun update as thousands of other bloggers including me are effected by this. I think this is time to start optimizing our blogs and wait for another update and see what happens. We should not quite this soon as we make a lots of effort to achieve this level.
    Mohsin Ali recently posted…Microsoft Word Product KeysMy Profile

    • Thanks Moshin you’re absolutely right. We are no giving up, but I think it must be disheartening for thousands of bloggers. We will recover from this and I’m 100% with you, we must continue to work to recover from these updates. Thanks for stopping by mate :)

  3. Yes we’re placing top priority over quality content from now on as well as growing our email list, and paying less attention to trying to monetize the blog through contextual ads. This also means getting rid of Infolinks.

  4. I can relate back to you, Fabrizio. When I was switching to my new blog, I had a decision to make: Whether or not I should move the content from Techpupil (my blog) to my new blog. And I made the decision not to. The reasons being I wanted my new blog to be brand new, without any content and I also didn’t want to move many of my posts (some of them were useless, didn’t get much attention, while others were just not related to the niche). I figured out that it would take more time to sort it all up and move the good posts. So, I decided not to do it.

    Google has been doing some “great” things that affected us all – So, I basically gave up on SEO – not worrying about it too much, focusing on driving traffic with other sources like commenting, guest posting etc. Anyways, I am glad to see you working making new changes at Magnet4Marketing. I wish you all the best, Fabrizio.

    Jeevan Jacob John
    Jeevanjacobjohn recently posted…The Concept of Simplicity: Simplicity vs. Complexity?My Profile

    • Thank you Jeevan, I’m glad you can relate :) One of the seminars I sat in at the internet World Expo begged the question should webmasters give up on SEO? Interestingly enough quite a few number of people raised their hands up and admitted that they’d given up on search engine optimization since Panda. Now these days everyone is talking about Social Media Optimization which is good I guess, since it’s becoming a huge part of how we do SEO these days. Like you we will certainly work more towards generating more referral traffic from our top sources. Creating high quality natural backlinks from guest posting and blog commenting is definitely hot on the agenda now more than ever. Thanks for stopping by Jeevan :)

  5. Hey Fabrizio sad to hear that your site got hit by panda. Hope it will recover soon.
    Nice to know that you are changing the theme and Logo.
    I am fully agree with @Mohsin We should wait be Patience. I highly recommend to Concentrate on link building with High Quality Blogs should be Higher Rank.
    Hope it will recover soon.

    • Thanks very much Amit, I agree we must work to improve areas of the site that will smile back at Google. Then play the waiting game to see how we recover, I know that there are plenty of bloggers out there in the same boat. We will be paying a lot more attention to creating high quality backlinks from more popular blogs as I mentioned above to Jeevan.

  6. High quality blogs are the best. Not only for the owner but for all the readers too.
    Joseph Mills recently posted…Gold Price down, greatMy Profile

  7. Well that is bad, being hit by panda is really hard. I hope you guys won’t give up and make new things in M4M, we believe in you :)
    sanjay@web designer philippines recently posted…How to Create a Loading Bar UI in PhotoshopMy Profile

    • Samantha Wright says:

      Thanks Sanjay :) Panda has hurt a lot of bloggers, webmasters and businesses even. We’ll recover from this and everyone should work hard to recover also especially if they’ve been hit by Panda or Squirrel or what ever the hell it is Google are calling their latest update… Penguin that’s the one.

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