How to Respond to Negative Comments

Do you know how to deal or respond to negative comments? Unfortunately we can’t please everyone. Obviously that is our main goal in the marketing and business world but we are bound to run into a few of those who do not appreciate what we have to offer. So when that day comes when a negative comment is posted and out there for the world to see, here are a few ways to handle it:

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  • Breathe before you respond: Take a few moments to breathe. Most likely it will sting a tad and frustrate you. Your first reaction to any negative comments will be, ‘that jerk doesn’t know what he/she is talking about’ and you make me quick to that typing trigger finger. Don’t respond immediately. Look at the comment as a way to grow from it. Find the good in the bad.
  • Determine what the comment is really about: There are plenty of people out there looking to just vent and bash whomever they please just to get a rise going. We liked to call these people ‘trolls’. They seek out anyone to destroy and that is done by posting negative and offensive comments. If this is the case, delete report and block that user. Whatever you do, do not respond. Now if the comment is from a legit reader/viewer with an issue about a problem, then proceed to the next bullet point.
  • Respond professionally: If a reader is upset you need to respond professionally and swiftly. Avoid denying their allegations. Even if you think they are wrong, don’t hint at that you feel that way. Respond using words like, “We greatly appreciate your feedback and we always welcome feedback. We will do our best to ________.”
  • Address outside of post: If it is a customer, reach out to them beyond the message boards in a private message. Thank them for their comment and offer them an incentive or ask them what could better their situation. It may cost you a penny, but the customer is always right and they pay your bills.

Negative comments are a good learning tool for businesses; they show you where you are lacking and how you can better that area. Don’t take them personally and respond professionally. Most likely your kind and swift response will appease the disgruntled reader and all will be well again. Good luck!

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  1. Aasma says:

    Nice points, Don’t take any comment personally unless it’s abusive and I believe negative comments give you opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge.
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  2. Sonny says:

    One would think that a dissenting comment left by another blogger would be a little more forgiving than a comment left by a non-blogger or non-webmaster – because the former knows what it’s like himself/herself to deal with those who do not agree with him/her.
    Sonny recently posted..Hunger Games-manship: a Sculpey Clay MockingjayMy Profile

  3. Freelancer says:

    @Aasma, I disagree. It is more beneficial, in my opinion, to answer both posiive and negative comments, in a personal manner.

    Keeping calm is perhaps the best point. In the fuss of their emotion, people tend to do things they regret later. Being trolled while blogging is natural, after all xD
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  4. True, it’s important to portrait a certain level of professionalism when dealing with negative comments online, I know it can be disheartening and make you feel crap but that’s business. One of the things I’ve learnt from experience is to tackle the situation head on as apposed to just putting it in the ‘to do’ file which is not a good idea.

  5. In my personal experience – One should always be truthful. If it’s a fault on your site of Doing Business , then show the user and all other who can see your interaction online that you are doing something to correctively adjust or resolve the mistake and maybe compensate them with a promotional offer after the grievances has been sorted out. Negative comments should always be responded to in a correct and professional manner as to avoid negative online publicity and reputation.

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