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Generate theme customization tips - A few days ago we were very happy to announce the winner of our recent blog contest. It was one of our most successful contests we’ve had to date on the blog, and once again many congratulations on Amit Shaw on scooping the grand prize of the Genesis theme Framework 1.8 (Affiliate link) (latest) and the Generate child theme (Affiliate link).

generate theme customization

If you also recently purchased the Generate theme for your blog then hopefully you’ll find my Generate theme customization tips in this post somewhat useful. If you’ve purchased the theme and would like some advice on installation please refer to the post below:

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Ok I’m assuming you’ve installed both the parent and child theme, so now we’re going to look at a couple of ways to customize your new Generate theme, here’s what we’re going to cover –

  1. Theme settings
  2. Uploading your own Favicon using Genesis Favicon Uploader
  3. Uploading your own header logo using Simple Scripts
  4. Adjusting footer credits using Simple Edits
  5. Customizing the Generate Box using Generate Box Plugin

1. Generate Theme Customization – Theme Settings

Ok let’s first look at the theme settings and options. If you’re familiar with the theme settings skip to part 2.

The Information Box tells you which version of Genesis you’re currently running and the release date. Here you can choose whether you want or don’t want to display the theme information in your document source. This is useful if you want to reduce the number of preying eyes looking at information about your theme in the document source for all the wrong reasons. It’s a good little security tip to tick this box, however if you ever need technical assistance with your theme in the future it might be a better idea to leave it unticked, it’s entirely up to you.

There is also a tick box to enable automatic updates; I would recommend ticking this box so that when a new version of Genesis is rolled out, you will be prompted to update automatically from your WordPress dashboard.

You can also choose to be notified by email, in which case you can enter your email in the field provided and tick the box that accompanies it. See image below.

generate theme customization

In the Colour Style box you can select which colour style you want your theme to have. The default colour is red. The other options are blue, green or orange.

In the Custom Feeds section you can add your FeedBurner URL or and custom comments URL

In the Default Layout box you can determine the layout of your blog. In the Generate theme there are 3 layout options to choose from.

In the Header Settings box you can choose dynamic text or image logo. Since we’re going to create a header logo and use the Simple Scripts plug-in to host the logo later on in the tutorial you can leave this however you wish.

In the Navigation Settings you have several options for primary and secondary navigations. You need to build custom menus and allocate them to either a primary or secondary menu location.

In the Breadcrumbs box you can select options that will help make navigating around your site and user location easier for your readers.

In the Comments and Trackbacks box you can select where to enable comments and trackbacks, on posts or on pages or both.

In the Content Archives box you can select how your archives are displayed in the archive listings. You can choose to display full post content or excerpts of your posts.

In the Blog Page box you can choose which individual categories to display or all categories, exclude any categories and determine the number of posts to display on the blog page.

Finally you can use the Header and Footer Scripts box to add any scripts you want, such as Google Analytics tracking scripts, AdSense Analytics tracking scripts, etc.

2. Generate Theme Customization – Uploading Your Own Favicon

OK, let’s get on with the customization. The first step of personalizing your Generate theme is to upload your own Favicon. Personally I hate messing about with my theme’s HTML, so there is a nifty plug-in called Genesis Favicon Uploader which I’m sure you might have heard me mention before on other Genesis tutorials.

This is a simple plug and play plug-in. Once installed and activated, head over to and generate a Favicon, save the Favicon to your desktop, then simply upload it via the Genesis Favicon Uploader page which will be located under Genesis. If all is well you should see your Favicon beside the text the page. See image below.

generate theme customization

3. Generate Theme Customization – Uploading your own Header Logo

The Simple Scripts plug-in for Genesis is an amazing plug-in. It removes all the unnecessary chores and head aches of messing around in the theme’s functions.php files just customize your blog.

Please refer to our in-depth post on header customization for your Genesis powered blog below:

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4. Generate Theme Customization – Changing Footer Credits

Here is another useful plugin for Genesis Theme Framework, if you’ve ever wondered how to adjust the footer credit in your theme, there is a nifty plugin for this also. It’s called Simple Edits. You can grab the plugin here:

Download the Simple Edits Plugin

Once uploaded and activated head over to the Simple Edits page located under the Genesis tab.

On this page you will see information about footer credits in your theme. Tick the ‘Modify entire footer’ box to override the current edits.

Now in the box below create your own footer credits and copyright notice, you can also include the name of your blog in the copyright. Click the show available footer shortcodes for further reference.

Once you’ve made the desired changes, hit the save changes button and view the result by refreshing your blog’s home page. If you’re using WP Super Cache, don’t forget to clear this first. See image below.

generate theme customization

5. Generate Theme Customization – Customizing the Generate Box

I’ve saved the best for last J the Generate theme’s most powerful feature and that’s the Generate Opt-in Box.

I must say that I was a little confused at first when I launched this theme into my new blog at, I couldn’t find a widget or a settings page of any kind for the Generate box. Maybe I was just having a dumb moment…

Anyhow I soon learnt that I needed to download a plugin called Generate box, the plugin was created by Hesham Zebida, founder of Famous Bloggers. You can download the plugin here:

Once installed and activated head over to the Generate box page located under Genesis.

In the Generate Box Settings section you can select the colour scheme of your box. You can choose one to match your Generate theme colour settings, or be totally crazy and go with a different colour; red theme orange box is a cool contrast.

Anyway, now you need to enter the title of your box, for example; Subscribe to my free updates…

Now enter the URL of the image you want to appear next to your box. I found it easier to upload an image into the media files for my blog, and then copy and paste the URL here.

If you’re looking for the ‘Join Us, Get Fresh Updates Now’ image here it is… You can right click on the image and save to your computer, then upload it to your media files.

generate theme customization

Now enter some text in the text box. This could be anything you want to entice readers to subscribe to your updates.

Note: If you’re displaying an image, I found that the text underlies the image; to avoid this use </br> to create a new line in your text in the text box.

In the email service settings page you need to paste the opt-in form script from your email service provider. You may also need to make subtle changes to your opt-in code to fit the box nicely. It took me a few attempts to customize my opt-in code. I’m no code expert, in fact I can’t stand messing around with codes, but I got it done so I’m pleased. If you’re using Vertical Response (Affiliate link) email provider then I can help you with this.

In the Display Settings section you can decide where to enable your Generate box; Front page, home page, single pages and everywhere else… and yes I did notice the type-o in the display settings section J

Phew… I think I’m done… ok well I hope you’ve enjoyed the Generate theme customization tips here, as always if you have any questions, suggestions or your own tips, leave me a comment below.


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  1. Mohsin Ali says:

    I have generate theme installed on one of my blog and i customize it with hard coding. Never know that these plugins are avalible to help me out.
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    • Hey Moshin, that’s the beauty about this framework I think there will be plenty more plugins like these developed for Genesis. It certainly makes less work, especially for ‘non-code’ experts like myself. I’m also using the Generate theme on one of my blog projects.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Generate is a great theme but I still love the News theme you use on here more Fabzy :)

  3. Great post. I’m thinking of using Generate on some sites of mine. These tips will really help me.
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