Selecting the Right Web Hosting For Your Business

When searching for the most suitable web hosting for your business, it is an advantage to know what features and applications you need before selecting any hosting provider. Not all hosting companies are made the same and whilst some will offer plans to meet a wide variety of needs, others may only focus their business on one particular area such as blogs or eCommerce. You therefore need to narrow your search to those providers who offer plans most closely matched to your needs.

How to find the Right Web Hosting for your Business

Searching For Hosting Providers

To accomplish this, a prior check for positive or negative feedback on a bunch of hosts is a good determinant for picking the right one. Hosts can be searched for by filling in online forms through comparison sites. Examples of these are:,, or

Search options can be further enhanced if you specify certain criteria and you can narrow the search results to display only ten on each page. You could also try expanding the number of results displayed in the search to fifty host providers and perform a wider comparison of web hosting plans and providers.

Remember To Compare Uptime and Server Maintenance

Depending on the fact that your web site can be affected by power outages, viruses or fire and flood, it is crucial to consider verifying the maintenance conditions that are offered by any future web host. An agreeable up-time percentage is anything above 99.5%. Find out the power supply the hosting provider uses, if they have automatic back-up features and whether they have systems for fire control or humidity control. If you do not receive an answer for any of these questions, then it is advisable to look elsewhere.

web hosting for your business

Testing Them Out

Once you have narrowed down potential web hosting options, send an email to all host providers asking elementary questions for testing. If they do not reply to the first email consider sending a second email and if they still fail to reply then take them off your potential list. The last test includes confirmation of the connection speed of your website. There are two commonly used online services that check server speeds, which allow you to compare to what the hosts specify.

The first is:

The second one is:

Each of them should be tested at least twice. First you should test the response rate for the customer service inquiries and other hosting components for your website. After this you should then test the speed of the websites of clients who have the same plan purchased and are using it. This can offer real-time insight into how the host works for similar companies.

The perfect web host should reveal itself to you, making it easier to finally choose the adequate web host for the needs of your company. The right host should have good pricing, reliability, customer support, add-on features, marketing scripts and programming experience.

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    HostGator is really rocks and its reached all guidelines that you entered above , Actually few companies suspend our accounts if getting more then 3K traffic per a day . But Hostgator not like that :)