10 Reasons Why Your YouTube Videos Suck and How to Improve Them

So why does your YouTube videos suck? - Like you, I love watching videos on YouTube, I mean who doesn’t? I watch videos on YouTube for several reasons, to find out information about something I really want to know about and foremost to see how others create and portrait themselves and their content in their videos, so that I can get an idea how to create my own videos and create them better.

Amongst the many great videos I stumble upon, occasionally I’ll find a hoard of crap that really shouldn’t be on YouTube (Affiliate link) to be frank. You know, it’s so frustrating to find a title that jumps out and is related to your search, only to be disappointed by the lack of thought and effort placed in creating the video itself.

So today I’d like to share with you 10 reasons why your YouTube videos suck and how you can improve them and make them better. So let’s dive straight in.

your youtube videos suck

10 Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos Suck Less…

1. No one can find your videos

If you’ve created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, you’ve probably wondered why you get so few views even after weeks from the time you uploaded them. This could be for several reasons, one being that you’ve created a video on a topic that no one gives a sh1t about, or secondly you’ve not put a great deal of thought into adding a good enough title and description or used relevant tags.

Solution: Take a look at your video title and description and see if you can make some improvements there. Format the title and description to include your keywords also. This is essential for SEO purposes and getting your videos to rank high in Google search. Ensure that you’ve correctly tagged your videos also.

2. Your video quality is poor

This is one of the most frustrating things to come across from a viewer’s point of view, your YouTube videos suck because you’ve recorded them badly and worst still done a poor job editing them.

Solution: Ensure you’ve created your videos using a high quality recording device, or screen recording software if you’re doing on-screen tutorials. When editing your videos ensure you save the file for 1080 high definition display if possible. These take time to upload depending on your internet connection speed, but worth the effort to say the least.

3. You’re not clear enough

If you’re adding your voice over your recording make sure it’s loud and clear enough so your viewers can hear and understand what you’re saying.

4. You talk too fast

Talking clear and being heard is one thing, talking too fast is another… slow it up, get a pace and rhythm going when commentating over your videos.

5. You’re rushing

Wow, this is something else that really annoys me. In fact, I was watching a tutorial video only the other week about how to add Pinterest to WordPress, and the guy doing the tutorial was seemingly rushing through the tutorial, flipping from page to page and really I couldn’t see what was going on. Even he was aware he was rushing and apologized to his viewers yet continued to rush and get the video over and done with, later on I watched a similar video only to find he’d missed out some crucial elements of the tutorial. Bad show…

Solution: Don’t rush your videos, if you’re creating reviews and tutorials; make sure you do a couple of takes before creating the final piece.

6. You sound unprofessional

You must have come across videos on YouTube that sound and look completely unprofessional. Granted we can’t all have expensive lighting and recording equipment but we sure can compromise right?

When commentating over your videos, whether it’s a vlog or tutorial or review or whatever, be sure you come across with a certain level of professionalism. You don’t have to put on a false character, just be yourself, but be professional about it. Use correct vocabulary and avoid using slang language in your videos if you can.

7. Your videos are too long

We mentioned that you shouldn’t rush your videos, but at the same time, don’t turn them into an epic 3 hour movie either. On average viewers have very short attention spans. I personally think anything between 4 and 6 minutes is long enough for talking heads. Video reviews and tutorials maybe a little longer, perhaps anything up to 10 minutes. Let me know your thoughts on this?

8. Your title sucks

We mentioned about creating a title that incorporates the elements of SEO, you should also try and not make your title suck in the process…

Solution: If your YouTube videos title suck, change them. Create something catchy, truthful and to the point as to what your video is about. Here’s an example:

Creating Killer YouTube Video Titles That Gets Tons of Traffic (Catchy, needful)

How to Create a Good Video Title on YouTube (Boring crap)

Again let me know your thoughts on this? Perhaps you have your own suggestions for creating catchy titles in videos.

9. Your video provides ZERO solution to your audience

This is a big one right here, what’s in it for your viewers, why should they sit there and watch your video for 6 minutes? Because it’s going to provide them with a solution or answer to a problem, if it doesn’t then don’t bother creating a video and definitely don’t upload it to YouTube (Affiliate link).

10. You have too many dislikes

Your YouTube videos suck and will always suck if you have too many dislikes, in other words the red line dominates the green line. But if you follow the 9 tips above carefully you should get nothing but a nice green line and lots of lovely likes, lots of views and kind comments and new subscribers to your channel.

Over to you readers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips here for making your YouTube videos suck less:) However I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips if you have any, share them with out readers. Leave me a comment below.


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