Gravatar Tips: How to Optimize your Gravatar Image for Best Results in Blogging

In this post we’re going to look at some Gravatar tips for choosing the best Gravatar - In blogosphere, a Gravatar serves as your facade, when you author a post and publish it on your Blog (or someone else’s blog as a guest author), as well as when you leave a comment on other blogs, the people will be looking at the image in your Gravatar to see the guy who’s sharing his/her thoughts, just like they will be noticing the appearance of a speaker before paying attention to what they are saying…

So, a Gravatar can go a long way in creating an impression in the minds of your readers or fellow bloggers. Not that it will make your substandard writings appear more credible, neither will it camouflage your grammatical mistakes, heck it wouldn’t even make people ignore the factual errors in your writing, still it’s an image that will accompany everything you say on the web, and you need to make the most of this opportunity. Keep on reading to see some important dos and don’ts that you need to remember…

gravatar tips

Gravatar Tips – Dos:

1. The most preferable image is of course your own photograph, taken by some professional photographer. As I said, this one photograph will be your representation on web, so you should invest on a good photograph if you are looking to make your mark in blogging or cyber world.

2. If you are not willing to pay for a professional photographer, you should get some of your friend or family member to take a number of snapshots from different angles, or distance, and backgrounds, and you will find some really good ones amongst those.

3. You can also get one of your friend, who is good at PhotoShop (Affiliate link) to perk up the photograph before you upload.

4. You can also use your company or blog logo as the Gravatar, though your real photograph will make more impact, a logo can help you with branding.

5. Or you can have the best of both worlds, by using your photograph along with a small logo, which is easier said than done, given that you have quite limited space but I have seen some people using such Gravatar successfully.

Gravatar Tips – Don’ts:

1. Never use a random photograph from web, that’s not right from many perspectives.

2. If you are willing to create some alias and you don’t want to use your own photograph, you should simply use some animated avatar or logo instead of a real face

3. When using your own photograph, try to write more quality stuff instead of quantity; needless to say, don’t use this account for submitting spammy comment on other’s blog, because it will do more harm than good

4. Don’t use low quality and unrecognizable photographs, or photographs with blurry filters, if you are that shy of using your own photograph, just go with a logo or avatar.

5. A smile is enough to present you as a lively and energetic person, there’s no need to appear overly funny, or animated, especially if you are looking to establish a long term identity on web.

So, do you have anything of your own Gravatar tips you’d like to share? Leave me your comments and reactions in the comment section below. You can get your own Gravatar for your blog here

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  1. Great post Natasha. I wish everybody is aware of the DOs and DONTs of gravatar. Oh! btw, I forgot to smile in my gravatar image ;-) Hope its okay!
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  2. Nice Post. You covered almost every aspect involved in gravatar images. Keep up the good work :)

  3. Aasma says:

    I think one can simply use photo taken by their smartphone, there is no need to buy high quality camera to take your photo.
    Aasma recently posted..Best MLM Software Development CompanyMy Profile

  4. shashank says:

    I realised, its time to make changes to my Gravatar image !
    Thanks for this good blog.

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