20 Email List Building Tips for Beginners

List building tips - You’ve heard it time and again – the money’s in the list. The List, the List, the List. Still, so many new bloggers out there have gone nowhere near starting to build a list, much less soliciting email addresses. Why is this task so intimidating? Start now with our 20 list building tips and get that list up and running already!

List Building Tips: Prepare For Your List

1. Get a Great Autoresponder

Pay for a good autoresponder. Avoid free ones as they come with Ads and there’s no guarantee they’ll deliver your emails.

2. Keep A Freebie Or Two Ready

An eBook, free product trials, special product offers – keep several options in place. Make sure your freebie holds value to your potential subscribers.

3. Prepare Your Newsletter

Select a template that best represents your brand. Go easy on images and stick to a neat template with faultless HTML. Get professional help if you need to.

List Building Tips: Start Building

4. Send Out Newsletters to Even Just A Few Subscribers

Don’t wait till you ‘build the list’. Email addresses die all the time. The few people you mail to will refer others if they’re happy, so that’s potentially more signups.

5. Book a Speaking Engagement

If you’re confident in your subject matter or expertise and your content is of great quality, conduct or join a seminar in your niche. Speak on a topic that’s of interest. Ask attendees to sign up and give away freebies.

6. Email the People in Your Personal and Business Contacts List

Note down your business contacts’ email Ids. Obtain permission from them to mail your newsletter.

7. Look for Email Addresses at Every Contact Point

Do you get phone calls from prospective customers? Get their email Ids. Explore all such contact points; at stores, at promotional events and so on.

8. Get Your Friends and Family to Source Addresses

Recognize and reward your employees for sourcing addresses for your list. Get your pals, family, pal’s pals and everyone else s’ pals to get you addresses of people they know.

9. Get Active on Social Media

Establish your profile and brand on all major social media networks. Post your content and follow anyone who reads and comments. Get your followers to sign up.

10. Network

Network with other bloggers, do guest posting, comment on their blogs, interact with their audience and increase your incoming traffic this way. You will get many signups out of this too.

List Building Tips: Work on the Packaging

11. Give Your Newsletter a Unique Name

What will you say when you ask people to sign up? Please sign up for our newsletter, periodical, magazine? Give it a trendy name, something that people can easily pronounce.

12. Include Great Content in Your Newsletter

Content is your only sure-fire weapon to win people over from the inside. Make sure you provide useful, valuable content along with your newsletters.

List Building Tips: Build Relationships with Your Subscribers

13. Make Your Existing Subscribers Feel Important

When people sign up, find out what products they use, know more about their families, birthdays and anniversaries. Showing this level of interest will endear you to them, and also provide you ammunition for later.

14. Get Subscribers to Refer Others

It doesn’t hurt to ask your loyal readers and subscribers to refer their friends, families and business contacts. If each person brings you just two more, think how big your list will be. Be sure to motivate using freebies.

15. Avoid Sales Pitches

The whole idea behind building a list is to sell your products. Still, be careful while you’re in the initial stages of blogging. Count on quality content and keep your sales pitches to a minimum.

16. Get to Know They Personally

Even if you have just 5 subscribers, make efforts to get to know them better. Email them personally, respond to their comments, ask for their feedback – the more they like you as a person, the more people they’ll recommend.

Explore All Signup Options

17. Make Subscription Options Simple

Many a time visitors click the opt-in link but don’t subscribe. Wonder why? It’s the sign-up form… So many fields to fill and a never-ending stream of questions… Are you surprised people don’t sign up?

18. Place Your ‘Opt-In’ Link Everywhere

Visitors to your site must find it easy to opt in to your subscribers list. Put your opt-in link everywhere, in your posts, in your sidebar, in your home page, about me page, products page and so on.

19. Include a Call-To-Action to Subscribe in Every Post

At the end of every post; include a call to action, asking people to opt in to your subscribers list to get content and special offers delivered to their inbox. Make sure you mention special discounts and freebies for subscribers.

20. Create ‘Subscribers Only’ Exclusive Content and Offers

Pool your premier content and exclusive product offers in subscribers-only page on your blog. Make sure you talk about this exclusive community in your blog and on social media. People love to be part of exclusive groups.

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  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Frank Thanks a lot for this awesome list.
    I am currently focusing on Email List Building. I will implement your all tips. Thanks.
    Amit Shaw
    Amit Shaw recently posted..What do you Get and Lose when becoming a Blogger?My Profile

    • Hi Amit thanks for dropping by great to see you here :) I have realized how valuable building a list is, it’s a slow old process but with a big enough and targeted list you can drive traffic to your blog absolutely anytime you wish. Best of luck with your list building.

  2. Liane Markus says:

    Thank you so much for this great list and I am definitely sure that many people will really receive great benefits from this. Thanks and you really have a relevant blog here.

  3. James Hal says:

    Thanks a lot fir this wonderful tips. those tips are really useful. Actually I’m a novice in SEO and list building and at present working on my website. I hope these tips will help me to figure out my future activities.

  4. Becca says:

    Good tips on the tactics we can use for email list building to implement. Thanks for the good tips provided here! It is important to have an action plan in place before making the offer and we should be sure about it…

  5. Autoresponders can be dangerous; watch out. You are right, avoid ones that pump ads and nonsense into responses. If you can find a service that doesn’t send a clear message to people that this is an automated message, then go for it, but if there is a cold, robotic, message that gets sent to your email list, people are savvy, they will pick up on it and take offense to the lack of attention. People really respond to a personal touch and taking the time to value interactions, take head not to employ a service that robs people of it.

  6. Great guest post Frank, thank you. The list is comprehensive and there are some serious gems in there. I’ve never actually entertained autoresponders, not because I don’t want to but I don’t understand how an autoresponder works in effect. I must take a look.

    A while back I removed the opt-in box from the top of this blog and the number of email subscribers I was getting went from 5-6 per day to 1 per day as I have my opt-in in other areas of the blog and a landing page also. I placed the opt-in box back at the top of the blog a few days ago and the number of subscribers is now back to 5-6 per day. Just goes to show the importance of them and where you place them.

  7. I guess that much attention should be paid on the text of a newsletter, because there is always an opportunity that many people will read it and it will influence on them

  8. Mia says:

    Do recommend Mail Chip as the best Autoresponder? I’ve heard of Aweber before and thought that was the one that most people used.

  9. Laura says:

    For a while ago I had no idea about the term: list building. This is getting more and more interesting. Now I get why people are giving away ebooks for some subscibtion. :) LOL
    Laura recently posted..Waiting for Easter in LondonMy Profile

  10. Gautam says:

    nice Fabrizio, this is the best list for any beginners who create email list building.
    Thank you for this list building tips.
    Gautam recently posted..Web Hosting CompaniesMy Profile

  11. Tauseef Alam says:

    Hi Fabrizio

    I just have started a new website for which there are only 12 subscriber, what do you suggest, should i start my newsletter now shall i wait for sometime more
    Tauseef Alam recently posted..VPS vs Shared Hosting: The Difference-Which one is better for you?My Profile

    • Hi Tauseef, thanks for your comment and congrats on your new website launch. Absolutely, I couldn’t recommend starting to build your list now more. The earlier the better. As for your newsletter you it doesn’t matter how much you have, again the earlier the better. Some marketers believe that you should only do email marketing if you have several hundreds of subscribers. But with 12 is a good start eve.

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