What Can We Learn About Branding By Looking At Apple’s Decision To Call It The New iPad?

The wait is over. Apple’s third generation iPad is on the shelves and available for purchase. Now that the multi-talented multimedia device is finally available, payment terminals are working overtime, reviews are rolling in, and the scammers are out in full force. The device is generating tons of hype as expected, but one thing that none of us saw coming was the slick approach Apple took to naming the newest version of its best selling tablet computer.

New Naming Scheme, Same Big Hit

When Apple unveiled the third generation iPad at a recent technology event in San Francisco, observers automatically dubbed the device the “iPad 3″. It only made sense seeing how the company seemed to be following the same trend it set with the iPhone series and iOS operating systems.

However, a developer with the inside scoop revealed that Apple would take a different route and ditch the series concept. At the time, it was believed that we would see an “HD” at the end of the unit’s name rather than a “3″. As it turns out, Apple settled for the ultimate in simplicity by naming the device the “New iPad”.

The New iPad

The New iPad made its official debut on Friday March 16, 2012. By Monday March 19, a mere three days later, more than 3 million units had been sold, according to an Apple announcement. Philip Schiller, the company’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, said that it was the most successful launch the iPad had experienced to date. 3 million units is obviously an impressive number of sales, but this is only the beginning for the latest version of Apple’s tablet device (Affiliate link). The New iPad is on pace to shatter all the records previously set by its predecessors and according to expert projections, will bring the total number to over 55 million units sold in 2012.

Brand Loyalty at Work

Taking such a dramatic shift in naming the third generation iPad was no doubt a bold move on the part of Apple. It may have easily resulted in a device that flopped had it been a new tablet maker or even a product launched by one of its industry rivals. But then again, this is Apple we’re talking about, a company that has excelled at fostering brand loyalty in its legions of global users.

There is some interesting new research out of the U.K. showing that iPhone users were far more loyal to Apple products than Android users to Google, and BlackBerry users to RIM. The track record it has built in recent times alone says it all for these dedicated fans.

While most companies are not equipped to follow Apple step for step, they can learn something from the tech giant’s branding strategy – create quality products that are useful, user-friendly, and serve as a solution to the problems your audience is facing. Do that, and they will be likely to jump all over new launches no matter how you package them.

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  • http://pricecpas.com/ Roxy

    Apple products are easily distinguishable compared to RIM’s and Google’s. They only have one line or series of phone, mp3, and tablet. Whereas other companies have different models and versions of the said products which makes it difficult for most people to follow their product lines.

  • http://www.1pets.net/ Julie

    The business strategy of Apple seems to be genial, they only need to develop a few lines of products: iPhone, iPad, iPod and the Macs. And their products are still more successful than the others.

  • http://www.pigeonsaspets.co.uk Amy

    Such a nice article! I was totally shocked when I’ve heard the new name of the new iPad. Now I already know that it wasn’t a mistake.

  • http://accidentlawyers-arizona.com/blog/feed Byrl Lane

    You hit the nail right on the head they way you ended this blog “create quality products that are useful, user-friendly, and serve as a solution to the problems your audience is facing.” After all, your audience wants your product, take care of them.

  • http://www.passion4dancing.com Leon@ Learn to dance Salsa online

    Do you think if they called Ipad 3, sales wouldn’t be as robust? I am not sure. But it sure is interesting to know why they chose to call it the NEW Ipade…And whether it really would make the difference in sales…I guess we’ll never know!

  • http://www.watchitonline.tv/olympics James Martin

    Apple really dominating the market having been introducing products that are definitely unique in any extent. The management combine of many smart persons that can really take their thinking out of the box concluding such items they have. Great!

  • http://www.bodhost.co.uk/ BodHost

    Branding is the most important part for any service or product to make a stand among other competitors and it is essential for one to put efforts to create a brand image.

  • Dadag

    I still don’t understand why they chose this name. Calling it “the new ipad” will make naming weird in the future, and confuse talking in retrospect.