9 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

How successful bloggers work: Blogging, an activity which started as a hobby that has become the profession for many bloggers…

Blogging is no longer a pastime… Many bloggers are taking it as a profession and are earning a fulltime income from blogging. When newbies start on the path of blogging success, they often have a roll model in which they look up to. In fact we all have a blogging hero which we look up to and want to become similar to one day.

What ever the case, there are certain things which make a professional blogger (Affiliate link) stand out from the crowd. In this post we’re going to discover some of them, I am going to share with you the top habits of most highly successful bloggers. Take note of these habits and apply them to your blogging activities to become successful too. So let’s begin…

Successful Bloggers

1. Set Small Goals

If your mission is to be the biggest, the best and most successful blogger in the world, then you’re most likely to never achieve that goal without proper planning and goal setting… the art of blogging success lies within creating smaller, realistic, achievable goals first.

2. Post Regularly 

Successful bloggers post regularly or as often as possible without sacrificing quality. If you want to become successful in blogging, make it a habit to post quality content on a regular basis. Consistency is also just as important as posting frequency and quality.

3. Build an Audience

Successful bloggers care about the importance of building a genuine readership. Whether it’s attracting RSS or email subscribers, they’re always looking for highly effective ways to expand their audience. Make this your goal from the start too; build an audience like the successful bloggers do.

4. Build Relationships with other Bloggers

Building relationships with other bloggers will help you in getting links and gaining social media promotion for your blog. Successful bloggers always make an effort to build solid relationships with other like minded bloggers in their niche, to further promote their own blog and help expand their readership.

Whether it’s through commenting, Twitter or Facebook, connect with other bloggers and build relationships like the pros do.

5. Participate in Forums 

Successful bloggers also participate in online forums within their niche, helping the newbies solve problems and getting tons of referral traffic back to their own blog, which in turn helps them to expand their audience further. You should also consider doing the same.

6. Link Building 

Link building is essential for the success of any blog, and is the same for the reputed blogs as well. The things which make the highly successful bloggers stand out from the rest of the crowd are that they do not build links in bulk; this is also seen as spamming. The word “Link Exchange” does not come in a professional blogger’s dictionary. They go for the genuine methods of link building only, which guarantees them results.

7. Keep Notes

The most common problem amongst bloggers is the lack of ideas… There are many instances when bloggers get great ideas for posts, but unfortunately these bloggers often only make a mental note of them and don’t actually write their ideas down for later… The successful blogger on the other hand will always write down ideas the instant they get them, so that they don’t forget to come back to them later, this could be the big difference between a successful blog and a failing blog also…

8. Analyze Traffic and Stats

Successful bloggers are always keeping tabs on their blog’s development progress and traffic statistics. They keep track of their blog’s users, and familiarize themselves with the posts which are performing well and receiving a lot of attention and traffic; all this results in helping the successful bloggers to generate new ideas for fresh content, thus getting more popularity points for their blogs.

9. Fun with Work

This is perhaps the most common habit of highly successful bloggers, they look at their blogs not as a mundane career paths or revenue churning machines, but as something they enjoy doing, having fun whilst getting paid to do it. They do not write for getting good CPC of high cost keywords, they only write what they enjoy writing about, and are really interested in writing about.

So that was my list of common habits of highly successful bloggers, what do you think? Did you enjoy reading the points above? Do you have your own habits to add to the list above? Share your comments below. But for now take note of some of these points and apply them to your blogging habits, and you too can steer yourself to blogging success (Affiliate link).

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  1. Kyle Kam says:

    No wonder pro bloggers really excel in their line of work. Working smart is the best trait of a pro blogger, for me. I’m really fascinated with the passion they put in their work. I, too, will suggest these traits. Just imagine a community of passion-driven bloggers. Wouldn’t be that great?
    Kyle Kam recently posted..The Google Blog Network Massacre – Blog Networks DeindexedMy Profile

  2. Liane Markus says:

    These really are some great habits and I hope there will be more successful bloggers out there who will be seeing this and perhaps, sharing some of the other own habits.
    Liane Markus recently posted..GlockMy Profile

    • I Am Tia says:

      Yeah these are really good habit.I like your 2 points which is link building and participating in forum.I regularly update my activities through your mentioned points.I appreciate you for sharing this post.Thanks :)

  3. Becca says:

    Excellent tips! I really believe that having a good understanding of what you really want to your business to be can really make your business more productive and successful in the long run.

  4. Abhishek says:

    To become a successful blogger one needs to be also patient because Patience is the key to success.
    Abhishek recently posted..Chhattisgarh Police Recruitment of Defense Constables Apr 2012My Profile

  5. This is sound advice my good man. I think included in tip #2 is having a long term plan for your content. Most blogs fail because a person will only have a handful of ideas to go off on, and then the content flow stops. This is when posting frequency drops, you lose your readers, and blogs ultimately fail. To have a successful blog with long term potential, you need to have a focus and a reason to publish content for longer than a few months.

    • Agreed. How many times have we all seen blogs come out of the gate with a solid idea, only to have each subsequent submission weaken in content, before finally falling off and shutting down. A long term plan is key in every avenue of life, to be sure, and this is true for blogs.

  6. David says:

    Building an audience is crucial in my opinion, when people keep coming back to your blog, you know you are doing something right!

  7. This is very sound advice for a blog! Its tough to post every day and my hat goes off to all of the bloggers that dedicate all of the time to write about everything! I wish I could sit down all day and write but im afraid my attention span is to short. LOL

  8. Fabrizio says:

    Great guest post Rajkumar, thanks. Keeping notes is an interesting habit and it’s something I’m too familiar with. These days all you have to do is enter a few words into your mobile phone if you have an idea for a post. A smartphone works even better. I tend to write my ideas down at random times, sometimes I’ll get up for a drink in the middle of the night and think of a post idea, so I rush into my office to make a note of it. Other times when I’m out and about, I’ll just use my iPhone to make notes.

  9. Adrian says:

    Hello Rajkumar, You have given every relevant quality and the habits of a successful blogger and hence I would say every blogger should adopt these qualities and make them as the habits. The only downside of these all things is that it’s very difficult for any average blogger to manage all of these qualities at a time but on the other hand this capability is the only factor which separates the successful bloggers from the failures one! Thanks Rajkumar

  10. SEO New York says:

    Hey that’s really interesting article. In fact, all the habits are really great for a successful blogger. As I am also a blogger, I used to face wide variety of tasks each day related to managing and building our blogs. Keep sharing such more interesting one.

  11. kooldesign says:

    Two points are very important in all these tips “Build Relationships with other Bloggers” and “Keep Notes”. Relations with other bloggers help you lot to get backlinks and promote your blog. Writing notes is a very important habit to collect useful content for your blog. Your all points are very important and effective to understand the good techniques of blogging.

  12. garlicguy says:

    These habits are very helpful, unfortunatly, I don’t apply them, it would be very helpful if you could write something on time management. thanks a lot.


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