My Monthly Traffic & Income Report for March 2012

Here is my monthly income report for March 2012 - Well we’re well into 2012 now and we’ve come to the end of the first quarter already, time does fly past quickly right? Anyway it’s also time for another in-depth monthly traffic and income report.

I do love writing and sharing my monthly reports with you, my readers. Sharing my monthly reports is an opportunity for me to be transparent about how I do business and make money online, not just from blogging, but from my other online businesses as well.

So here’s a little reminder as to why I enjoy sharing my reports –

  1. Firstly, to help inspire and motivate other bloggers and other individuals wanting to start a businesses working from home, to help them understand the amount of work that is involved in building a profitable online business.
  2. Secondly, for me to be able to look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the last month, and to make changes where and when needed.

Before we move into the income and traffic report, I just want to update everyone on what’s been happening at the Magnet Camp.

March has been one busy month for me, and like most months I try and balance the time that I dedicate to each of my online businesses, but March has seen me spend less time at the blog and more time in the art studio or working on some of my recent client’s web projects.

Not that I’m complaining as such, as it’s been a great month of earnings, but I have been feeling that I’ve not paid as much attention as I hoped to on marketing and promoting the blog.

Comments and guest posts have been very few, however I’m looking to organize my time a little more affectively for April, and will try and get a few more guest posts and comments out accordingly.

I’ve also been busy working on a new eBook since early January, and again finding time to work on it has been a bit of a challenge. But I’m still aiming for a July or August release, I don’t really want to reveal too much just yet about it however. There’s still a lot of work to get done, including marketing, advertising, creating a landing page etc.

Internet World Expo 2012

Samantha and I will be in London for two days at the end of April for the 20th anniversary, annual Internet World Expo, which is being held at Earls Court in London.

We’ll be taking the opportunity to meet a lot of like minded people, as well as talking to companies and organizations about new products and advances in internet marketing technology, We’ll also be taking the opportunity to market and promote the blog using some good old fashion old school marketing tactics, using word of mouth talking about the blog and what we do, whilst wearing our custom printed t-shirts and handing out business cards.

We’ll be writing a full review post shortly after event.

101 Blog Traffic Tips eBook

Since we released the updated version of our free eBook 101 Blog Traffic Tips in late January, we’ve clocked up close to 350 new email subscribers and the numbers are still climbing on a daily basis, we’re still getting around 70 to 100 new email subscribers a month, so for all of you who subscribed and downloaded the guide, thank you so, so much, I really do appreciate it.

Ok let’s get down to the traffic and income reports.

Traffic Breakdown

Here is the total traffic breakdown across all the sites as a whole, that’s 6 sites in my possession –

Total Visits: 17,349

Total Page views: 29,444

Blog Traffic Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the Magnet4Marketing blog traffic statistics in more depth.

Traffic to the blog hasn’t really increased over the last 4 weeks, nor has it decreased. We’ve gained some new traffic sources such from Blog Engage and Pinterest, so that’s a cool addition.

As I mentioned earlier on, asides from getting to post on the blog regularly and thanks to all who have submitted guest posts by the way, I’ve done very little in the way of guest posting and doing my regular run of commenting on some of my favourite blogs. But I’ll definitely be increasing these activities throughout April.

Here are some screenshots.

monthly report

Analytics 2 March 2012

Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic Report for March

Analytics 4 March 2012

Magnet4Marketing Top Referring Sites - Star marked are referral traffic sites only

Income Breakdown

Disclosure – Please note that some of the links below are in fact affiliate links that will earn me a small commission, if you make a purchase using them. If you do, thanks so much and I’d love to hear your own feedback on using any of the products I’ve recommended on this page or perhaps another page on the blog. If you’d like more information on any of the products which I promote on the blog, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook or even send me an email at

Ok let’s take a look at the income generated from all my online business ventures, including the blog itself.

It’s been truly a fantastic month for business, and I couldn’t be more happier with the income generated from the blog and my other streams, let’s take a look –

eBay Sales

eBay Sales for March


The total cost of expenses which includes materials and supplies, a new Bluetooth iPad keyboard, webhosting services, Akismet, HelloBar, other online subscriptions, paid guest posts, giveaway prizes, t-shirt printing, business cards was… – $680

Net Total Income Generate Online for March 2012 – $1,714.11

As you can see the income generated from my online businesses isn’t quite even, making money from the blog is not so easy, it takes a lot of hard work, which is why I always advise bloggers and internet marketers when they’re starting out to consider creating their own products and selling. Whether it’s art or an eBook or a service, it doesn’t matter, create it promote it and make money from it. Don’t just rely on Google AdSense alone…

Plans for April

OK, it’s going to be another busy month in April business wise as I have a lot on, so unfortunately I won’t be posting a new post on a daily basis like I have been; However when I do put out a post out, it will be a lot more thought through, more in-depth and hopefully a lot more valuable. Also I will be pushing a few more guest posts and commenting on a few more blogs.

I’m hoping to be able to try and increase traffic to the blog and my income target is $3,000 for April…

Anyways, that’s all I have for you in this month’s report, here’s to hoping that you all have a successful month in April, until next month happy blogging, happy online marketing.

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About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is the founder and chief editor at and the author of 101 Blog Traffic Tips. Connect with Fabrizio on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can find out more about Fabrizio here.


  1. ES says:

    What do you sell at ebay?
    ES recently posted..2011 – Top Ten Songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & MalayalamMy Profile

  2. Samantha says:

    Nice income this month Fabzy, has your new art collection taken off?

  3. wow!!! fab how are you using ebay to earn from your blog? i dont see any ebay ads.
    seoallrounder recently posted..5 Simple Tips for Better Blog CommentingMy Profile

  4. so how much you made on this blog??? :S its tell me less than $1000 , i am gonna quit my blog! :P

    • Much less, income from the blog has decreased over the last 4-5 months and I think mainly due to me not putting as much time into monetization as I use to. Last September, October and November I was making well over $600 a month from blogging, these day’s it barely $200. But there is still much work to be done. Can I just ask why are you thinking of quitting your blog? Drop me an email on Facebook if you want, we can talk about it, maybe I can help :)

  5. Fabrizio you said that you sell your paintings on ebay. May i know which type of painting you sell, digital or hand drawn?
    Abhishek @ indian government jobs recently posted..Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Recruitment for Various Post Apr 2012My Profile

  6. Imran says:

    Interesting traffic report, great income too, thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Jack Sander says:

    Nice to hear that you had a decent month. I like the fact that you have diversified your portfolio and in this way you haven’t put all your eggs in a basket. Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen your biggest earner is eBay, which means you’re pretty good in what you’re doing.
    Jack Sander recently posted..How to build a bird houseMy Profile

    • Thanks Jack well said, diversify and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Presently my biggest income is eBay and I have no doubt that it will grow month by month. I’m hoping to get more income generated from blogging also through the release of my eBook in July.

  8. I also prefer to have several resources that can bring me some income, the same as you do. Because if you can’t sell anything on eBay, then you get some money on your blog. That’s great!

  9. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Fascinating stats, Fabrizio :) ! Your income from eBay is just fabulous, but I’ve seen that your earnings from blogging has been decreasing consistently since the last few months. What the matter dude ?

    The great news is that even I have crossed the $1000 milestone in March, and now looking to hit the $1500 jackpot in the coming months :D !
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Top 5 Ways To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Thanks PrIyAnGsHu, thanks for stopping by man, great to see you here again. I think the problem lies within the fact that I don’t really monetize the blog as much as people feel that I should. I turn down a lot of advertisers wanting to advertise on the blog because their ads are completely irrelevant to the orientation of the blog.

      On the home page above the fold I only have a single affiliate ad, whilst in much of the content I rely on AdSense and Infolinks. For now I’ll settle for earning a few hundred dollars each month from the blog.

      One thing that makes up for the lack of income from this blog is that my email list is growing pretty rapidly, getting between 5 and 10 new email subs per day. That’s my goal for the rest of 2012 as far as monetization is concerned and that’s to grow a big list.

      Congratulations on your earnings, I’m so positive you’ll hit the $1500 mark in the coming months; it’s always good to hear how other bloggers are doing with monetizing their blogs, so well done.

  10. Melissa says:

    I guess that if you spend enough time and effort on your blog, then it can bring much more income than any sales on eBay would.
    Melissa recently posted..12 Fantastic Ocmx Gallery Plugin Web TemplatesMy Profile

    • Fabrizio says:

      Melissa thanks for your comment :) When I’m painting and selling my art on eBay, I’m not doing it for the income, I’m doing it because I love to paint, and my work sells :) In months or years to come I’m sure the two combined will be a very nice stream of income.

  11. good work bro … but may i know any one post from your blog that promotes ebay product ??

    thanks in advance .. good luck .. keep going …

  12. by the by may i know what is the plugin used for top bar that stats ( Giveaway: Win Genesis Theme Framework + The Generate Child Theme worth $79 )

  13. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    We have just started two more blogs, and I have started to hire a few content writers too since I’m now unable to manage all my web properties due to my school studies ! BTW, I have some big plans for the future, and now thinking to turn blogging into my profession within the coming years :d !
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Top 5 Ways To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  14. @PrIyAnGsHu sounds like you have plenty on your plate, best to keep busy, I’m positive you’ll be able to reach your dreams PrIyAnGsHu, keep it going. Look forward to seeing you in the celebrity bloggers lineup.

    @usefulupdatez you’re welcome man, anytime :)

  15. JamesW says:

    Nice traffic and earnings Fabrizio, wish you even better results in the future.
    Did you maybe saw an increase in pinterest traffic this month April?
    Because I personally saw a spike in my traffic from that website.
    thanks for sharing

  16. BilllEighty says:

    Thank you for sharing this detail info with us!! Ok, let me ask you a question, when can a blogger start hoping to earn money from the blog after creating one? I mean, if you can explain the timeline for a new blogger comparing it to earnings.

  17. sai krishna says:

    what ebay sales ? you included ebay affiliate products on this magnet4marketing ? or sales from any other site ?
    sai krishna recently posted..10 Minutes With Sumoni Gupta : Young Entrepreneur & Tech BloggerMy Profile

    • The income reports now consists of the total sales made online, not just from the blog, but from all the sites I own online and eBay, I have several other new income streams which I add to my total income report.

  18. Amit Shaw says:

    Hey Fab Nice to see your income Report Mate.
    Really superb specially eBay Earnings ;)
    Am still waiting to see my Stable earnings from my blog. Its 5 Month Old Blog hope from next month i cant start earning ;)
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Best iPhone Apps For Keeping Your Documents and Business in CloudMy Profile

    • Thanks Amit, yeah I do quite well on eBay with my artwork which is always great. Just need to make the same amount now from blogging lol. How are you monetizing your blog Amit? AdSense? Amazon?

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