Social Media Monitoring Tool Video: How Do Potential Customers Really React to my Marketing Campaigns?

Social media marketing tools are employed by people involved in business and marketing to find out what exactly people are saying about them on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. While before people had to rely on surveys and ad hoc monitoring methods, Alerti and other social media monitoring tools allow businesses and online marketers to see directly what people are saying about them.

But scanning every single tweet is tedious, and these toolmakers know that, so they provide analytics so that you can see if a tweet is positive or negative. Furthermore, they break it down into whether the mention was an image, text, or any other format, and what social network accounts for what percent of traffic. Find out more in this Future of Engagement episode with Murray Newlands:

Social media monitoring tools: What tool should I use?

Social media monitoring tool selection is very important for online marketers, so you should make sure it fulfills your requirements. For one thing, most businesses will need tools with good analytics. This means tools that can show you pie charts, graphs, and other important thing, instead of just individual posts.

The drawback to using Google Alerts as a social media monitoring tool is that one or two interesting posts will stick in your head and you won’t have the numbers to know if this post is much to worry about (or be excited over). But tools like Alerti can help you figure out where to focus your energies, beyond just alerting you of when someone says something about you on social media.