Social Media Trends 2012: What To Look Out For in 2012

Social Media Trends 2012 - Social media will continue to grow and become more versatile this year. A large number of businesses are investing considerable resources into this channel. Social media marketing is no longer an experimental initiative; it requires investment of significant time and resources. Some likely trends for the coming year are discussed below.

Social Media Trends 2012: Increased popularity of mobile sites

People will become more accustomed to having instant access to the web. As more tablet PC’s and smartphones enter the market, they will be used by people to access the internet and social networking sites on the go. Companies will turn to creating sites that allow easy browsing on hand held displays. Mobile sites will soon become a must have. Google recently launched an initiative called GoMo, which helps businesses modify their sites. These sites also allow people to check-in to your outlets and help improve PR.

Social Media Trends 2012

Social Media Trends 2012: Social SEO driven by user generated content (UGC)

User ratings and reviews will pave the way for SEO. People talking about your product automatically increases your social authority and this will soon become a more popular form of advertising as compared to the conventional methods. Apart from UGC, location marketing will also rise in popularity. Google place listings will take priority in searches and people will turn to platforms like foursquare and Facebook Places to get information. Integration of mobiles with GPS systems shows steady growth in various sectors including gaming, online shopping and even tourism, where virtual tours are becoming the norm.

Social Media Trends 2012: The growing importance of Apps

With the increased use of mobile sites, your product will also require an App for the mobile audience. Having an App increases the reach of your product or service in the market. Apps (Affiliate link) should be developed for tablets as well. Android and Apple tablets are being increasingly used to search the internet. Consumers will demand applications that are as user-friendly as their computers. Apps are easy to access and offer the most updated form of a product’s information.

Social Media Trends 2012: Real-time advertising

More people are browsing the internet than watching TV. Facebook is used by some people as a search engine. Marketing divisions of businesses will begin to spend part of their budget on creating social ads. Social platforms will increasingly capitalize on user data. This trend can already be seen in Promoted Tweets of Twitter, Ticker from Facebook and YouTube ads. Interaction between businesses and, clients and businesses on these social platforms will also make business more personal.

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  • Rizwan Sultan

    No doubt 2012 is very changed for SEO and SEM point of view and also popularity of IPad and Mobile based sites increase as you highlighted it’s really great too switch towards upcoming technologies and explore them.

  • Samantha

    Mobile sites and apps are huge trends in social media. Also a lot of companies are now integrating ecommerce into social meda known as social commerce, this is a huge trend which I think we’ll see a lot of ecommerce businesses doin a lot more of in the future.