Expand Your Blog Horizons by Adding a Podcast

So why should you consider adding a podcast to your blog? – In the early days following a blog launch, writers can go through a difficult period of low traffic and disappointing earnings. Publishing enough content to get a blog over the hump can be a tedious and discouraging process.

Building links can be difficult, as established blogs may be reluctant to link to a start-up with sparse content. Yet, despite all of this, for your blog to succeed, you must build your brand, cultivate a loyal following, and develop domain authority.

A simple, yet powerful, way to quickly add content and establish credibility is to create a podcast to complement your blog writing.


Here are a few reasons adding a podcast to your repertoire can be effective:

Adds Variety

It can be hard to spend entire days writing and browsing the web for content ideas in the early going. Staring at a blank screen with the hopes of coming up with a great idea can be mind-numbing. The process can turn writers into zombies, as well as lead to time-wasting distractions. Many bloggers find that they can be doubly effective by splitting their time between blogging and podcasting.

It’s Fun

If you blog about something you love, podcasting should come naturally. For instance, I write about baseball, and welcome every available opportunity to rant about my favorite sport. If you’re like me, talking about subjects you enjoy isn’t work, but a fun break from the often antisocial activity of writing. The isolation required to coherently write quality articles can be maddening if done without interruption. Podcasting will allow you to speak with other like-minded bloggers, share some laughs, and actually make some friends. On top of that, the relationships you build can lead to link opportunities down the road.

Improves Credibility

While it may be hard to procure quality guest posts early on, it can be easier to get insightful podcast guests. Many experts find it much easier to simply place a brief phone call to a podcast, than to sit down and write something to contribute.

The podcast world is competitive, and hosts are always on the lookout for expert guests who can offer useful information, insightful opinions, or innovative tips and tactics to their listening audience.

If you have a difficult time attracting experts to your show, you can always reach out to other podcasts and offer your own expertise. Doing so will build your brand, expand name awareness, and build relationships. You can share links to your guest appearances on your blog and show your readers that your opinions are in demand. And by contributing to another program as a guest, you will have an easier time attracting future guests to your blog’s podcast.

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  • Nicole

    Great post! I will be pinning this for sure!

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Nicole, much appreciated :)

  • http://mediaembassy.org/ Mark

    I know that Podcast really adds variety to nay blog or site because it makes it more communicable than just simply writing. And for me it is a very special way to socialize.

  • Samantha

    Podcasting is great fun i think, it puts a little excitement to the whole content creation process as well as break away from the routine of writing. More bloggers should start doing it in my mind.

  • http://www.seoallrounder.com seoallrounder

    i think its wold be advisable if you have a good amount of readers and followers , a person who get 100-200 a day visitors would be wasting his time. is it? or is a good marketing tool?

  • http://howtospecialist.com Jack Sander

    I have thought many times of adding Podcast to my blog but I’ve never really had the time to implement it. Nevertheless, The opportunities you highlight are tempting, therefore I’ll make this a top priority for the future.

  • http://buyrealmarketing.com/ Juliana

    I haven’t tried podcast but will definitely try to use it. It’s not gonna hurt anyway. :) Thanks for sharing this.

  • Farhan Baig

    I have never heard about podcast.But after seeing your article.I like it so much.Thanks

  • http://weddingcanvas.net/ Jaemi

    Podcasts are great! It gives readers something to look forward to aside from your blog posts.

  • Robert Koenig

    be careful with podcasts. Sound quality is of the utmost importance, and much like a blog, your content must be WORTH LISTENING TO. When writing, you can take your time, fact check, edit, and make sure things are crisp. Podcasts can be dangerous, you can slip up, misspeak, give false information, or even sneeze into a microphone and end up with a mess of content on your hands. It is important to PREPARE for your podcast, if you do do such a thing, and be sure you are creating something that adds value, not just distracts, annoys, or prevents people from connecting with your site.

  • http://www.passion4dancing.com Leon@Learn to dance

    I agree that podcasts make for great content. Sometimes readers need something different than articles…Podcasts will spice things up. I do video podcasts on my website and its great because it builds credibility with my audience, as they get to see my face when I talk about my topic…

  • Isobel

    We know that people have their various preferences when it comes to getting information. Yes, a Podcast adds variety to your blog, but it also caters to auditory learners.

  • http://accidentattorneys-california.com Scott Mattingly

    Expanding to more of a multimedia platform is a great idea for growing your site. I agree with what Robert said above however, this can be dangerous, because as podcasting is exploding with popularity, so too is it with production value and sound quality. The bar has been set very high, and missing it will only work as a detractor to your site.

  • AizaMay

    Podcast is really a big help and the bloggers are already aware with this…Your tips here are very useful…Thanks!

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Glad you enjoyed the tips Aiza :)

  • http://www.yourlifetube.com Elena Anne

    Thanks for a great idea. I have been thinking about doing podcasts for my website to get a wider range of people. Also like you said you basically get to talk about what you love such as ranting about baseball.

  • http://beingselfemployed.org/ Pam Sheraton

    Hi there, I do agree that to some extent it does provide some variety to your audience but from the blogger’s perspective, if you are not very good with communication and mostly good at penning down your words, you might be at a disadvantage as opposed to someone who can naturally talk to his readers.

  • Charlotte

    I definitely don’t even try of podcast but i think it’s great, i will gave it a try.. keep me posted.

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    I think it is a good one! thanks for the tips..