Four Tips for Avoiding the Spam Folder When Leaving Comments on other Blogs

If you’ve been doing your regular blog commenting routine, you’ll have probably noticed that now and again you’ll leave a really thoughtful comment on a blog post, only to find out a few days later that it’s not there… chances are it’s ended up in the spam folder and eventually deleted.

Understandably some blog administrators receive a high number of comments and moderating them all individually would be virtually impossible, what’s more, filtering legitimate comments that have accidentally ended up in the spam folder can be an even greater chore.

Regardless to say, there are ways in which you can avoid the spam folder yourself, especially if you’re a newbie to blog commenting… Here are four essential tips to keep in mind when leaving comments on other blog’s, comments that you don’t want ending up in the spam folder.

spam folder

Avoiding the Spam Folder

Tip One – Use your real name

When ever you leave a comment on a blog, unless you are privileged to use KeywordLuv, don’t push your luck otherwise by dropping keywords or key phrases in the name field. This will only annoy the ‘living hell’ out of the blog administrator. If you do this your comment will probably therefore, if it has escaped the spam folder by chance, end up being placed there manually anyway.

Tip Two – Watch what email address you use…

Some spam filtering tools can identify comments as spam if the email coming from that comment appears spammy. I’ve found that email addresses starting with info@ or sales@ can be a real pain in the rear end. I use info@ email address whenever I leave comments on other blogs, and I’ve been told by several blog administrators that they’ve had to fish my comment out of their spam folder… Not good and which reminds me that I have to change it soon…

Tip Three – Don’t spam out the comment field

What I mean by this is create a good comment that is related to the post content you’ve just read. Don’t write gobbledegook crap that makes no sense, and above all don’t drop URL’s, hyperlinks and or HTML in your comments.

Tip Four – Watch the URL…

The one major problem with blog commenting is the URL. I’m always stripping URL’s on comments left on my blog and I don’t know about you, but this really gripes me, what about you? My advice is to use only your main URL with no extensions when leaving comments on other blogs. Another tip on the subject of URL’s, avoid using shortlinks or affiliate links also…

Share your own tips

Well those are my four essential tips for writing good comments that you want to not end up in the spam folder, but I know that you have your own tips and suggestions you’re eager to share, so please do so in the comment section below, I’d love to hear them, enjoy.

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  • Ileane

    Great topic Fabrizio and I agree with all your points. I’d also add to your list – be relevant without repeating exactly the point of the post. For example, if I run across a post and I can’t think of anything valuable to add to the conversation, I would simply skip commenting on that post. I’d be sure to share the post on networks where I could tag or @ mention the blog author (like Twitter, Facebook or Google+). Then I’d go back to their blog and find another post to comment on where I could add value to the conversation.
    I trashed a bunch of comments earlier today simply because all the commenters did, was repeat exactly what was said in the post.
    Thanks for these tips Fabrizio, so cool to see you hanging out at Blog Engage too :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Wow, of course that’s a good one I almost forgot, thanks Ileane for adding this. I’ve noticed that happening a few times on my blog also. I guess writing comments as such you mentioned gives no real additional value to anyone, absolutely.

  • abhinav

    All four tips are very helpful for my blog. thank you so much for sharing this post.

  • dipesh@how to

    Thanx for giving these handy tips well i am not aspamer and i never wanted to be
    i hate spaming as u do.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Dipesh, I’m pleased you enjoyed the tips, hate is a pretty strong word, I think it would be fair to say that I detest spammers :) Enjoy your day.

  • Donna

    As a new one in the field of blog commenting, I am so thankful that I find this very helpful and very useful site. For me, if I can submit a relevant comment to a one blog, I think the blog administrator will approve my comment and not be spammed. I want to get more post like this because this was a useful and helpful one. Thanks for sharing the four tips of Avoiding the Spam Folder. Keep posting and please keep us updated.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by. I’m so pleased you were able to learn a few things from this post today, have a great day and drop by again soon.

  • Alex Aguilar

    I don’t see any point in leaving URLs inside the comment field. Nearly all commenting systems I’ve come across gives the option of leaving a website link through plugins like Comment Luv or something similar. There’s absolutely no need to cram unrelated affiliate links into the body of the comment – it just looks bad and desperate. I also strip these URLs from comments in my own blog.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      That’s good to know Alex, I do think though that most of the time if it’s not a spam bot doing the bad business it’s people generally being damn right ignorant with dropping links inside the comment box.

  • Rizwan Sultan

    Hey Fabrizio real name tips are really work well bloggers usually avoid spammer which was using keyword and embedding url or script in comments.And Gravator also helpful for showing human identity or saving your self with bot.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Rizwan thanks for your contribution. Yes I absolutely agree, gravatar’s are indeed helpful especially if users use their real face as apposed to a company logo. The gravatars with celebrity faces are always a laugh, I tend to immediately delete those ones.

  • Becca

    I make sure to leave a nice and related to the topic my comments. I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts and make a good conversation to other readers.

  • Ahmad@lunaticg

    Hi Fabrizio.
    Found your blog via
    In my opinion, when you’re new in that blog, blog owner will always have a feeling that this commentator cannot be trust. You need to make the right comment to make sure you don’t join the spam folder.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Ahmad, thanks for stopping by mate. I understand what you mean, you’re right if it’s your first time commenting on a blog then creating a first impressions is important, like you say to gain trust otherwise. Glad you found the tips useful today, have a great weekend :)

  • Jeny curran

    Hi Marciano,
    You have mentioned in detail that why comments are being deleted.These are useful for me hereafter I will follow these tips.Thanks for pointing out the errors.