Why Should Marketers Take Note Of Google Improving Related Image Searches?

In this post Edith Li talks about why marketers should take not of Google making improvements to Google related image searches - Over the years we have watched search evolve beyond a tool that helps users find interesting web pages via the internet. It has become more specific, targeted, and relevant to the user’s interest.

As the undisputed leader of the search market, Google has traditionally been the driving force behind its innovation, and continues on in that role by introducing enhancements on a regular basis.

Google recently announced an interesting update to its Image Search product, specifically the “related searches” feature that appears at the top of the results page. Although the feature itself is not exactly new, the update gives it new appeal that has implications for users and potentially marketers as well.

According to Inside Search, an official blog in the Google network, the latest enhancement allows the user to preview an image by hovering over a link. It only provides a small sample, but it is a big enough improvement to give the often ignored related searches feature a little more attention.

google related images searches

More Exposure for Your Content

What Google has done here is create an easy way for internet users to find the ideal image via Image Search. The new feature introduces a visual aspect that makes exploring and discovering graphical content a much more pleasant experience. Say what you will about Google, but the internet giant is always working on ways to improve the overall experience for its legions of loyal users.

When things go well, it usually works out for all parties involved, including the marketers who benefit from search. This situation will likely be no different.

Here is an example to sort of illustrate how Google’s new and improved related image searches could help your marketing efforts. Let’s say a user fires up Google Image Search looking for an MP3 player (Affiliate link). If your company sells MP3 accessories, the ability to preview visual content related to what they already have in mind could lead them to click on a photo of product available in your store.

Once this happens, the user just might go further by viewing other accessories, signing up for a newsletter, or actually making a purchase. The visibility this new feature can create for marketers and their content is pretty significant.

From the user’s point of view, the most attractive part of the related image searches improvement is the convenience. Instead of typing in another set of keywords or opening up a new tab in their browser, the user can simply hover over related results, check out a preview or two, and take their exploration even further.

Both Google and marketers are undoubtedly hoping that this convenience compels users to give the new feature some action.

Getting Ready

The improvement to related image searches is something Google is reportedly rolling out slowly. It is an enhancement more and more users should see over the coming weeks. In the meantime, marketers can get prepared by making sure all the images they host are optimized to attract the search spiders. Do that, and Google’s efforts to improve image discovery could send more traffic shuffling your way.

About the Author

Edith Li is an online marketing expert and a freelance consultant for a global email templates provider.

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  1. Andy says:

    I’m glad they keep improving the image search, as I’m a big fan of it; as a marketer and as a user. I’m seeing really good results on my sites that are optimized for the image search, especially on my travel sites. Unfortunately a lot of my sites are about topics where users don’t really care about images…like hair loss. Who’s searching for hair loss images? Right, no one…
    personally I love the image search. Whenever I buy a new product, I first do an image search and try to find some nice high res pics of the product. Same when I’m planning a vacation trip or whatever. I try to inform myself about the region / city and whatever, and looking at images is just the best way (at least for me)…
    Andy recently posted..Haarausfall & SchilddrüseMy Profile

  2. Fabrizio says:

    Great guest post Edith thank you. Image optimization is something I care very much about and have always implemented in all my online marketing efforts, so I look forward to Google rolling out these improvements. Thanks for sharing Edith.
    Fabrizio recently posted..iPad Video Lessons for Business Clients and IndividualsMy Profile

  3. Paul Salmon says:

    I try to optimize my images as much as possible, and I have seen visitors come to my blog from Google Images. I am interested to see how the new change will impact my blog, so I am anxious for Google to roll out the changes.
    Paul Salmon recently posted..Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 ReviewMy Profile

  4. Samantha says:

    It’s about time Google looked at improving this area, I agree with Andy, when I’m purchasing a product online or offline also I tend to do an image search first. Image optimisation is essential for improved seo and generating traffic for a lot of bloggers also.

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