How to Get Lots of Free Web Traffic to Your Sparkly New Blog

Here are six simple ways to get free web traffic to your new blog… So you’ve taken the plunge and have got your blog up and running finally. You’ve written about a dozen great posts but sadly are lacking in some real traffic and comments too. What can you do?

Whilst search engine traffic can take time to arrive, and most newbie bloggers simply don’t have the funding to pay out for costly PPC campaigns, there is still plenty of other ways … Here are six effective methods to get your new blog noticed in the blogosphere.

Get on the forums

The great things about forums are that the community within is usually a tight one, filled with laser targeted frequent users… These users regularly contribute to both sharing and learning about anything and everything in their field of interest or niche, so participating in forums is paramount and won’t just get you free web traffic, but targeted free web traffic. Make an impact in the forums and you’ll notice people wanting to flock to your blog to see what else you have to offer.

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Join Blogging communities

Blog communities are amongst the very best of other places to get lots of free targeted traffic to your blog on the web. Community sites like BlogEngage and Blokube are just two to mention…

Get commenting

As we all know commenting on other niche related blogs can really get you lots of great targeted free web traffic, so what’s new? But it doesn’t have to stop just at blogs… You should also comment on articles, podcasts and videos on web 2.0 property sites as well, these sites have huge communities within them, with potential to get lots of free web traffic to your blog.

Share your photos

Upload your blogging photos to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and also get them on Flickr and PhotoBucket and start tagging your blog URL in your images. They will remain a link back, but these sites have a lot of referral traffic potential too and in time they will all count.

Create videos

YouTube is one humongous chunk of the internet that you can get good free web traffic from. Admittedly you’ll nee to put some real effort in to make it work… so consider planning and creating a couple dozen good videos related to your blog’s niche or subject matters, and start posting them on there now.

Video review always work great, check out our post offering tips on how to create video reviews that stand out in the crowd:

5 Tips for Creating the Best Video Product Review on YouTube

Submit articles to web 2.0 sites

Finally, whilst your blog is still relatively new, getting your foot in the world of guest posting might be a little bit of a challenge… So to kick start things off consider writing lots of smaller articles and submitting them to web 2.0 sites such as Hub Pages, InfoBarrel and Squidoo… To me they’re the perfect alternative to guest posting.

So lets quickly recap the six methods -

  • Get on the forums
  • Join blogging communities
  • Get commenting
  • Share your photos
  • Create videos
  • Submit articles

Well there you go; if these methods don’t get your blog traffic flow started I really don’t know what will.

Keep in mind though that despite using traffic generation methods, ‘you must’ stay consistent in creating great valuable content well after your first dozen blog posts. As well as content creation, focus your efforts on good SEO practices and in no time at all, your blog will begin to grow in traffic and comments.

Interestingly enough, I’ve placed together an eBook offering over 150 tried and tested ways to get traffic to your blog. It’s called the 101 Blog Traffic Tips eBook and it’s completely free, so download it now and get even more traffic to your brand spanking new blog, enjoy.

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  1. Uploading blogging photos to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, is what I usually do. Believe me it works!

  2. Making video content is a tough one, I think. Much of the content on Youtube nowadays is just trash. Videos haphazardly edited together in a half an hour with no real effort at anything worth viewing. This trend is enraging. Getting linked to a simplistic, uninteresting, 30-second clip is grounds for ignoring everything from that creator forever. If you do go down the path of creating video content, take the time to make something WORTH watching. The idea is not quantity over quality. Make them interesting or you will be achieving exactly the opposite of what you are attempting.

  3. Thank you so much for the various tips that you have discussed here on your post. it really is relevant and effective for me.

  4. All of these things should work when you read them but they are actually quite hard work, it sounds easy to, for example “get on the forums” but I find the best use of a forum is to get onto it, ceate an acccound and establish yourself as an authority in the niche, once you have done this you will be supprised how many visitors your profile page gets and the link in there will start to drive traffic to your site. People will also reach out to you which is an amazing way to network.
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  5. Thanks Now I should also earn some traffic for my website as well.

  6. Forum post and comments works for me best.
    Not tried with YouTube videos because they would take too much of time.

  7. I loved the article, but I’ve always read that web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo are kind of useless in terms of driving traffic; most times they come up as a search query, and have the answer included. Have you seen evidence to the contrary?

    • Good question Morgan, yes you’re right and I have seen evident of this. My aim for using web 2.0 property sites is to create content that will lure readers to visit my blog afterwards, and I do this by linking a keyword or phrase to a related article on my blog, or writing open ended content even, leave some questions unanswered is what I mean.

  8. I have to cosign on the Blogengage tip; once our official blogger got involved on that site, we started seeing marked increases in traffic coming to the blog; now its just a problem of keeping good original content coming frequently.

  9. I have found that ensuring the photos on my blog have a good meta description and descriptive title brings me a fair amount of traffic from Google. I recently went back through about 600 posts and made sure that the meta description and title tag were accurate and almost immediately saw an increase in traffic coming from the photos.

    • Thanks for sharing this Rob, you know I’ve been doing exactly the same thing, in fact I’ve been going back to older posts and revamping them altogether, content, SEO, image optimization etc, and I’ve seen increased traffic from doing so without even adding any new content on the blog. Thanks for stopping by mate, have a great day.

  10. Only this year I am learning about web 2.0 website. Before this, I had been avoiding web 2.0 because I don’t understand what we need to do with them. I think a blogger article about web 2.0 that I read last month inspire me to join in. Thank you for your tips.
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