How Could Marketers Integrate Google Goggles Into Their Marketing Campaigns

In 2009, Google launched Google Goggles, a mobile app that takes an image-based approach to search. By using image recognition technology, it allows a user to snap a picture of a document, book, CD, or other object and pull up relevant results about the item.

While this interesting tool has yet to make a huge splash on a mainstream level, it is slowly but surely gaining more traction in tech circles online. Businesses are starting to take notice, so let’s take a look at how professionals can incorporate Google Goggles into their marketing strategy.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles: Add and Manage Contacts

Are you a marketer who understands their importance, yet loathes the mere thought of business cards? If the answer is yes, then you could benefit from using Google Goggles. In fact, capturing the artwork and information on business cards happens to be one of its core functions. New technology is usually hit or miss, but according to user reviews, the app behind this one is pretty darn accurate.

Once you scan a business card, you simply confirm that the results are correct, and can then add the individual to the contacts in your phone and Gmail account. In this regard, Google Goggles is great at helping you organize your important contacts.

Google Goggles: Pick Your Purpose

Although scanning business cards is obviously something Google Goggles does well by design, this interesting mobile app has many more tricks up its sleeve. Instead of using it to clear out your business card collection, you could actually use it to help sell a product. For example, if someone uses their Android device to scan a barcode, that barcode, if optimized, could lead them to relevant information about the product online and help them make a decision on it.

Google Goggles is proving useful in many interesting applications and could have even more value in the future.

Google Goggles: Make Sure You Have a Google Presence

It is important to note that Google Goggles works by taking the image the user snapped with their cell phone, and comparing its various physical attributes with information in a database. This means that in order for someone to scan your business card or logo, the relevant information must be accessible to Google on the web.

Specifically, you need to make sure your presence is optimized in a way that gives you visibility in the search results. A little SEO expertise will go a long way in providing that visibility.


Google Goggles is certainly one of the more unique innovations to come out the internet giant’s ever-busy lab in some time. Is it a game changer? Not at this point, but it does have potential that could make it extremely useful in the right marketing strategy. The fact that the app is still alive in spite of Google’s recent house cleaning project says a lot about its potential viability.

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