The Blogging Values of an iPhone

If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone… that’s one of the quote unquote lines that has stuck in my head ever since seeing the iPhone commercial on telly, about a gazillion times now…

These days though most of us who own some kind of smart phone will know too well that having relied on all the things it can do, we simply couldn’t live without one now… I certainly couldn’t in any case…

So, as a blogger, what values does an iPhone or any other smartphone have? Let’s take a look…


1. Stay connected on social networking platforms

Social networking is important to any serious blogger, which goes without saying…

These day’s though, there isn’t very many phones that don’t have access to Twitter or Facebook, whether it’s in a form of a dedicated button or application. Having an iPhone ultimately is the best way to stay connected on all social platforms from anywhere at anytime.

My top apps are of course Twitter, Facebook and the Google Plus app, which I have to say I love so much, as it enables me to use the ‘instant upload’ feature, when I’m shooting a video or taking a photo.

2. Video Blogging in the palm of your hands…

When it comes to creating high quality videos, your iPhone is the best thing to have for the job of video blogging. Whether you’re at home or sun bathing by the pool side on holiday (which I’ll be doing in 10 weeks time by the way), creating a video blog using your iPhone and uploading it to YouTube whilst sipping on Pina Collada couldn’t be more fun or easier right?

3. Publish your latest post on a multitude of blogging platform applications

There are many apps for the top blogging platforms available on most smartphones and the iPhone, but one of my ultimate favorite is the WordPress app for the iPhone. It’s so easy to setup and start blogging from absolutely anywhere on the go.

You can also take photos and add media to your posts, choose to publish or save as drafts, or even schedule your posts for later. Or if you don’t fancy using the app at all, you can use the notepad application in your iPhone to just write your post and email it to your desktop email software, for later or when you get home.

4. Podcasting in the palm of your hands too…

If you love to create podcasts for your blog, and need to do it on the go, the iPhone is also useful for this too. One of the things I did for my online art blog a few weeks go, was to use my iPhone to record a live interview with another artist, I then uploaded it to Spreaker and published it onto my blog, brilliant and hassle free.

Anything else?

Well personally that’s all that I can think of doing with the iPhone from a blogger’s perspective… But I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of things out? If you can think of a few others why not share them in the comment section below.

Do you have an iPhone? If so and you happen to blog… How useful do you find the tools and applications are for blogging? Do share with us…

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  1. I have a android smart phone, and I use it to stay connected on social networking platforms, and I also use the WordPress app to manage blogs.
    Using it for video blogging is a exellent idea :)
    The problem with using smartphones for web work is that the keyboard cen be a bit small so it gets hard to hit the right buttons when you try to type fast… The next phone will probably be a Galaxy note with a 5,3″ screen.
    Bjorn recently posted…10 steps to a better and more professional blog.My Profile

    • Hi Bjorn, thanks for dropping by. Like you I use if for pretty much the same things. I did a video blog around Christmas time and that was an experience, I’m looking forward to doing a few more. You’re right though the keyboard on smartphones can be finicky.

  2. I guess that iPhone can be an ideal variant for any blogger, especially taking into account the fact that today more and more people visit Internet with the help of different mobile devices

    • Exactly, it’s quite an eye opener, just going out and sitting in a cafe you see the number of people using their mobile devices to access the web, it’s a real home hitter and makes you also realise how important it is to have your website or your blog optimized for mobile devices.

  3. iphone today is one of the best devices that you can use to stay connected in social media platforms wherever you and even if you are away from your laptop or computer.

    • Absolutely, smartphones have eliminated the need for many of carrying around a laptop, which is great news if you want to travel light. On trips away the only thing I bring with me is my iPhone and my iPad the rest is history.

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