Income Report: Traffic Report for February 2012

Ahhh… the second traffic report and income report of 2012… let’s hope for a great year ahead and how about another great start with the second month, February… let’s see…

As you know, each month I’ve been sharing with you the traffic and income report generated from my blog here at Magnet4Marketing. This month however I’m starting a brand new report entirely where I’ll be sharing with you traffic and income generated not just from this blog, but from across all my other online businesses and here’s why…

We often talk about making money online and that doesn’t happen from just blogging, so for the rest of 2012 I’ll be sharing my overall traffic and income report generated from my other small businesses.

If you’ve just stumbled upon this post and are wondering why I’m revealing this kind of information here’s why –

1. I share my traffic and income reports because I want to share with you my own strategies for making money online, what has worked for me and what hasn’t, and hopefully for you to utilise and apply some of my strategies into your own methods for building a more profitable online business…

2. …Or if you’re just starting out, I hope my reports will help to inspire you to continue cultivating your online business ventures and for you to eventually make some money from it too…

This report isn’t one that’s going to show off me making thousands of $$$’s each month, it’s more realistic than those kinds of figures for now, so check it out.

Ok this month I want to share with you my traffic reports from my two main online businesses…

Van Marciano Art

Let’s start with my online art business at Van Marciano

Traffic Report

Well Over a year ago I was getting relatively good traffic to my online art site which is now coming to its 8th year anniversary… I was getting around 100 visitors per day, but since the Panda changes almost a year ago, traffic has been decreasing slowly and these days the website struggles to get more than about 30 visitors per day, but it’s on the increase again as I’ve been making some new efforts to build my art stock which takes a lot of my time, as an artist as well.

traffic report

Income Report

The total income generated from my online art business in February 2012 was $330.00 from two sales, however… I aim to increase this income to around $1000.00 in March and I know you’re probably wondering how I’m going to do this, but I’ll share that with you in the next income report, however I recently released a new collection of artwork which is proving to be a hit so watch this space.


Ok let’s get on with the blog’s traffic and income numbers.

Traffic Report

Traffic hasn’t really increased a great deal for the blog; in fact traffic is slightly lower than it was in January, but given the fact that we’re a few days short in February even though we have a leap year it isn’t too bad. We averaged 555 visitors per day which I’m pretty happy with.

The target for February was initially 18,000 visitors, but with only 16,113 on the report we’re almost 2,000 visitors off our target. This month we’ll be pushing out a few more guest posts, articles and blog commenting to try and increase traffic, again with a target of 18,000.

Although traffic hasn’t increased, the level of engagement on the blog has, and it certainly pays to get engaging with your commentators as I have been over the last 29 days of February.

We finally made the decision to join Blog Engage earlier on in February which might have also helped with engagement on the blog, and which we’re pleased to be part of that community now.

income report


Income is much lower than it has been of late last year but again, we hope to work towards increasing it a little bit more each month. The total income generated from the blog in February was $213.20

So overall here is a breakdown of income generated from my two online businesses in February 2012.

Google AdSense – $70.62

Infolinks – $7.04

EasyAzon WordPress Plugin – $22.00

Video / YouTube Video Traffic Academy -$30.26

HostGator – $50.00

DreamHost – $2.96

Amazon – $0.74

Shareasale – $27.98

Paid links – $1.60

Ecommerce – $330.00

Total – $543.32

Expenses $134.80 (Web hosting, Blog Engage subscription, materials)

Total Income$408.52

Ok folks until the next traffic and income report, I hope you all have a great March, happy blogging, see you in the next post.

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  1. Nice art Fabrizio. How do you advertise your painting industry? Art’s usually very difficult to monetize, isn’t it?

    • Hey Murray thanks, when I started my online art business almost 8 years ago it was quite challenging at first, Facebook was just a twinkle in Marks eyes and social media in general was still somewhat of a distant thunder. I used a lot of art forums, online galleries, platforms where artists can sell their work, art blogs etc to expose my work and build some backlinks to my art website. I have also been using eBay for a long time which has accumulated for much of my success as a painter a few years ago before it became saturated by thousands of other artists.

      These days social media does lend a great hand, especially YouTube where I’ve created some videos of me painting, and which a couple of them have had over 10k views, which also brings some traffic and sales.

      You’re right though, the arts industry is a difficult one to tap, although the most successful year for me for sure was in 2007, where I was actually making 12 times the amount that I make now. I hope to one day be able to repeat that success…

  2. It’s not bad… even with the traffic lost due to Google’s Panda updates you still have a nice passive income stream.

  3. This is a thorough and organized blog that you have shown us for today. The traffic report is well said which is very easy for us to understand. And for this, I just want to say nice job and keep up the good work.

  4. You’ve got great paintings in your site’s gallery.

  5. Hey Febrizio!

    Though the traffic stats doesn’t look so great, but I can see that you have earned a decent amount from the moderate traffic that you have.
    I Wish you best of luck for the future! :P

    Jeff recently posted…[Internet Marketing] Interest in Pinintrest.comMy Profile

    • Thanks Jeff, as a matter of fact I was talking to a colleague of mind a few days ago and we both kind of agreed that if you’re getting a moderate amount of traffic, I think moderate is around 1oo or 200 visits per day you can monetize just as effectively as a site receiving 1,000 visitors a day, if you know how. So I’ve still much to learn about how to monetize the blog better, or in fact any of my other website.

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