Revamp Your Site with a WordPress Real Estate Theme

WordPress Real Estate Theme - An unprofessionally looking site can turn many clients down. You might have a good-looking site but if you keep it all the same year after year without revamping it a bit, this gets boring and again can hurt your business. While constantly revamping your site isn’t a good idea, even if you have the resource to do it, an occasional change of dress is more than welcome.

It is true that maintaining a site in top-notch form is a gruesome task, even if you are an IT pro but there are some easy ways to revamp your site every now and then without going bankrupt or spending all your time on design and development. The easiest approach is to install a WordPress theme and change it once in a couple of years.

How a WordPress Real Estate Theme Will Help Me

There are 2 ways in which a WordPress real estate theme will help you. It will:

  • make your site look more professional
  • save you money

WordPress themes are designed by pros and therefore look professional (or at least most of them). Since the theme isn’t designed specifically for you, it is times cheaper than if you hired a designer to create it exclusively for you. However, if you fear that many other real estate companies will use the same theme, don’t worry – you can customize the theme, so it will be absolutely unique.

Isn’t It Too Difficult for Me to Deal With This?

If you have never used a WordPress theme, it might sound very difficult to do it but in fact this isn’t so. A WordPress theme is like a dress for your site – you put (i.e. install) the theme on and your are ready to go out. Installing a WordPress theme does require some technical skills and above all – familiarity with WordPress but if the theme is done well, it usually requires just a couple of clicks to install and enable it.

If you plan to make customizations to the theme, this might require more skills but still many non-techies can successfully manage a minor customization (like putting your logo). In the worst case you can hire somebody to install and customize the theme for you, so if you lack the technical skills to do it on your own, it is still not a mission impossible.

Where to Get a Good WordPress Real Estate Theme

There are many places where you can get a WordPress real estate theme from. As usually, you can search with Google for WordPress real estate themes and you will get plenty of results. You can visit each of the results and see if you like the theme but this approach is very time consuming.

It is much easier if you go to a place where various WordPress real estate themes are reviewed. At such places many themes are gathered together, so it is easy to compare their functionality and price. One good place with comparisons of various WordPress themes is the site in my byline, so you can visit it and start your search from there.

About the Author

Ada is the Blogger Relations Manager at WinkPress – a web resource where you can read about WordPress, its themes, and plugins. Check the site to read more about what WordPress real estate themes are available.

  • Troy Jaggard

    Also my favorite Real Estate Theme. The backend functionality is great.

  • Emily

    This theme seems to have very clear and sharp functionalities. Great buy! Or I read that you can get all of their themes for 350 dollars. Who buys all of them and why????

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks for stopping by Emily, if you’re referring to StudioPress themes yes it is a great buy. The pro-plus package is ideal as it enables you to have access to all of the themes which can be used for almost any project whether it’s for yourself or a client. More over you can also get every future theme that StudioPress put’s out, which I think is a great deal in itself.

  • Ada

    Many of the themes are great – it just depends on what functionality you are after and what your budget is.

  • Shopping Bags

    Making your site look more professional is very important in creating a sound brand. Also it is necessary for creating a good impression once your target audience visits your website.

  • Frank Steiner

    AgentPress is a stunning wordpress real estate theme. It is easy to install and can be customized quickly. This is one of the themes I recommend to my WordPress clients.