Retain Social Media Loyalty With Online Meeting

Can online meeting help retain social media loyalty?

You’ve a strong Twitter following and your Facebook likes is growing on daily basis. There is more to marketing on these social networking giants. You need to initiate loyalty. Until these people trust you, they won’t buy your product or click a link when you ask them to. A lot of people simply waste time on social media sites with the hope of striking it big one day. I wonder if one day is in the Calendar – or is it?

We need a way to balance what we do on Twitter and what our business goals are. If you blindly tweet your offers traditionally, you won’t make much impact. Building loyalty is paramount but there is more to it; retaining loyalty is the master-key.

I want to talk about online meetings and how to foster your relationship online. If you get this nailed, there will be no stopping you on the way to social media success. You’ve got to begin somewhere, but don’t stay there.

Let’s quickly consider 3 core aspects of how online meetings can affect social media loyalty.

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1. Web Usage Reason

Online meeting works because of this very reason. What reason?

Did you start your online business this year or when exactly? Can you flash your mind back and tell me what motivated you?

I think everyone of us have a strong motivation to get online. Something from the inside inspired you to register a domain name and get a hosting almost the same day. I thought we were advised to seek a high paying job with security and freedom… Now listen:

The #1 reason for coming to the internet is to look for information. This information may be related to your family, career, relationship, business, hobby or the adventure you’re about to embark on. Some webinar organizers may be looking for a viable GoToMeeting coupon code and GoToWebinar discount code which enables them to save.

All in all, we all are here because we need to be updated on what’s happening around. Web usage reason is the motivating power and that’s also why people will honor an online meeting (webinar or newsgroup discussion).

Therefore, in retaining your social media loyalty, you must settle the reason for someone searching the web. If you don’t do this, you’ll miss the point and overlap issues.

2. The Urge To Communicate

Everyone has this urge to communicate. Even the dumb uses gestures to indicate interest; in agreement or disagreement of what he/she feels is right. Man is born to share, communicate and relate with others.

Have you ever asked yourself why some retired pensioners; with all the things they’ve achieved, still make the time to travel the world. Some of these people have the best things of life (wealth, money, asset, security, freedom) but they’re not satisfied.

On the internet, the same line of communication is at work. We want to connect with the right person, access the best information to improve our self-confidence and image as well as make more money. When your online meeting is centered on effective communication of your brand, people will notice this and get engrossed to you.

If you can share your best ideas, secrets without withholding that ‘precious’ tip, the sky is just your starting point. Don’t deny man of the gift of communication. Ask intelligent questions in your online meeting and find answers to what people actually want. That’s where success begins and ends. Do you think I’m right?

3. Loyal Fans Isn’t an Accident

Online meeting also enhances loyalty of social media fans.

Do you know any successful social media marketer with huge fans all cheering him up and buying his products?

Well, it’s not an accident at all. This marketer must have done something which others have neglected. Those who have scarcity mentality will hoard valuable information from his/her fans. They believe the secret to success online is limited. But I want to debunk those thoughts and tell you the truth…

The money on the internet is enough to feed the entire world population. Business opportunities in United States could generate billions of dollars annually. Online business is the best business ever, not just because of the freedom but for the cash in it.

If you want people to like you, trust and obey your opinions, do something valuable. Help someone else succeed and there will be massive word of mouth marketing for your business.

Online Meeting Recap

There you have it, the three core aspects of online meeting to increase your social media return on investment (SMROI). Whatever form of online meeting you choose: guest blogging contest, video conferencing, webinar, discussion board etc, ensure you build your brand. That’s the way to the top in web marketing. See you ahead!

About the Author

Michael Chibuzor writes about online webinar and online meeting. He invites you to check out GoToMeeting coupon code and go to webinar coupon to enable you organize your own meeting without much ado. Its’ time to take your online business to the next level, organize your online meeting today.

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    Online meeting is a great practice in strengthening your relationship with your loyal online fans. It is a great opportunity to create a more personal connection with them.