5 Effective Ways to Market your New Business

How do you market your new business? One of the many exciting ventures in life is definitely building your own business. But as well as being excited about the whole process, it can also be an anxious and frustrating time as well, especially when at first no customers are coming through the doors…

We’d all love to be able to set up a new business in a couple of days and miraculously have dozens of new customers flocking to our website’s with their credit card in hand, but the cold reality is no matter how good of a business idea you might have, no one will know you even exist.

Today my friends I want to share with you 5 very effective ways to market and promote your new small business and begin taking the first steps to getting your first few customers through the doors of your new business, so let’s get started.

market your new business

Market your new business Tip#1 Online Presence is Important

When we talk about online presence for your business, most people often think about getting a website. A website is just the start, because there is also the matter of being present in social networking sites and being present in online business directories etc.

A website is your first port of call by any means. It needs to represent the face of your business, so getting this right from the start is crucially important. What you want to be able to achieve with your business website is to enable your clients to –

  1. Find you quickly
  2. Understand the services you offer quickly from a few seconds of landing on your homepage
  3. And being able to engage with you quickly and efficiently

Market your new business Tip#2 The power is in your Business Card

You might think that these days you have social networking sites and a nice flashy website at your disposal, but it doesn’t mean that there is no longer any use for the trusty old business card. Consider this; your business card is practically the face of your business in the offline world…

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Market your new business Tip#3  Harness the power of a list

When I say a list, I don’t just mean an email list or a list of followers on Twitter or LinkedIn or what have you… but also a list of other contacts such as client telephone numbers and mailing addresses. Why not combine the two together, build a list online and collect mailing addresses and telephone numbers offline.

Market your new business Tip#4 What friends are for

You can also use your friends to spread word about your new business. Get them to share the news or hand over a handful of business cards so that they too can do their bit to help promote your business. Word of mouth can go a long, long way.

Market your new business Tip#5 Creative advertising

Advertising your new small business doesn’t have to be costly, nor does it have to be boring. You can get pretty creative with advertising your business offline by doing the following –

  • T-shirt printing…
  • Door magnets for your car (use your car to advertise your business)
  • Door to door flyers can also work a treat
  • Get a lawn sign…
  • Window decals

So now that you’ve built your new business, I hope that these tips are enough to give you some cool ideas for promoting your new business, do remember one thing though, marketing and promoting takes time and the results come, but they come slowly, so be patient and remain consistent and you will be rewarded.

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  1. Danica says:

    First, spread the word out and reach your market by establishing a good online presence at the same time implement strong offline marketing campaign by giving away your business cards and other promotional items like tshirt, calendar or mug with your company logo printed on it.

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