How to Enrich your Blog Posts with Zemanta Publishing Assistant

One of the many challenges that come with blogging is consistently creating great content for your blog; you also want to be able to enrich those your content with other useful media such as videos, images, related content links to useful resources etc… Zemanta provides an easier way to do all of that within your editor…

What is Zemanta?

Zemanta is the perfect blogging assistant. It recommends related images, links to articles and terms. It helps with driving more traffic to your content and making your blog more complete. It works with all major blogging platforms including WordPress, Moveable Type, Joomla and Drupal.


Zemanta gives you access to tons of resources with over 200 million related images to add straight into your blog posts. You can also make your content more resourceful than ever with in-text links from other authoritative websites such as Wikipedia and Amazon to name a few.

One of the more useful tools in Zemanta is the tag identifier, which you can also use to categorize keywords in your Meta area for improved SEO.

Zemanta might not be for every blogger however, you are able to try out their full demo version so that you can get a good experience on how the tools and features work.

Installing and using Zemanta

Zemanta isn’t a plugin which you install into your blog; it’s actually a browser extension which is available for all the major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox). You can access it to download here:

Download Zemanta for your browser:

Once downloaded and activated, you can then login into your blog’s dashboard and begin to create a new post as you would normally, and you’ll notice that Zemanta will appear in right hand side column of your editor under content recommendations.

Zemanta gets to work once you start typing your post. Zemanta will automatically begin to load images, in-text links to the latest related content, and tags for you to instantly access and make use of.

Pros of using Zemanta

Zemanta is nothing new, they’ve been around for a good number of years, here are some of the benefits of using it…

  • You get access to millions of free usable non-copyright images to use in your blog posts
  • There is no plugin to install, however you can download the WordPress plugin here:
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Helps you to link to other related content
  • Its free
  • Amazon affiliate support (In-text links)

Cons of using Zemanta

  • None…

Is it worth using? Absolutely, I’d recommend using Zemanta for the pure reason that you can use it to link to other useful content so that other blogs can link back to you, you can use the tag system to improve your own posts SEO, and of course the in-text linking option can be used as additional support for Amazon affiliate products.

Why not give it a try or check out the 60 second video below. Maybe you’re already using Zemanta as an extension or plugin on your blog… if so why not share with us your own thoughts and views, leave me a comment below as always.

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  • Troy Jaggard

    I downloaded and installed this extension in Chrome. I was most excited about the “In-Text Links”. The only issue I see is that it only applies the In-Text links to the first instance of the word. While I understand the reasoning behind this, it didn’t work perfectly since sometimes the first instance of a word will appear in header text. Is there a setting that can change it to put it in the first instance of a particular word in a only if it’s in a “p” tag or “li” tag?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      I’m not entirely sure Troy I’ll play around with it and see, if anyone else can help Troy please do leave your comments.

  • Samantha Wright

    Have you installed this plugin on this blog? How does this plugin support Amazon affiliates?

  • itechcrazy

    I am really excited to install it, hope it will help me, thanks…

  • seville

    I used Zemanta but I do not work well, be due to incompatibility with the cms or something

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Seville that’s useful to know, what CMS are you using? and what is the complication, do share with us :)

  • seville

    it does not work well with blogger and wordpress, the problem is that it blocks the publisher and editor functions also disappear