Tom Foremski interview for Future of Engagement

Building connections is about taking every opportunity to use as many mediums as possible to build relationships and making those contacts. Building relationships shouldn’t just take place within ‘the box’ i.e. using social media; Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, but also outside of the box such as direct contact, email or a simple telephone call…

In this episode, Murray Newlands interviews renowned journalist and the owner of the Silicon Valley Watcher Tom Foremski, to discuss topics such as:

  • Whether or not paid content is ethical…
  • …or even a good idea for the publisher.
  • How does social media help build readership and build relationships, if it does at all?
  • …and more!


Future of Engagement is a web series shot and produced in San Francisco, California, the heart of the global tech industry. The weekly series gives you the information—and the gossip—you need to know to keep you up-to-date with social engagement.

The Silicon Valley Watcher is an online publication by Tom Foremski, a former Financial Times journalist who now owns his own publication reporting on the business of technology and media.

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    I’m just starting out and developing a backlog of content. Your statement that it will pay off is very encouraging. Thanks.