7 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Ecommerce Website

If you’ve just launched your online business, one of the many challenges you’ll face is getting traffic and then converting that traffic to paying customers.

In this post you’ll find out how you can quickly kick start your ecommerce business into action.

Selling online is one of the most rewarding business ventures you can get into, if you know how. However there are many stages to get through, first there is the process of creating a website and then finding or creating products to sell online, and then building a customer base and so forth…

However we won’t get into this part today, instead I want to share with you 7 simple things you can do right now, to kick start your ecommerce business into a growing business…

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Kick Start your Ecommerce Website

1. Get on Submit Express…

First thing to do is to submit your ecommerce website URL to all the search engines including Google, although many search engines automatically crawl websites, you can speed up the process by using a useful tool from Submit Express; this submission tool will allow you to submit your site to over 70 search engines including Google… You can find the submission link below:


2. Get on the Good Guide…

There are two guide directories which you can also submit your ecommerce website to, the GoodNetGuide and the GoodShopGuide. Once your website has been approved you get a cool graphic badge which you can display on your site, which will give your website some credibility and trust.



3. Get on Google Places…

Google Places is a free local business listing platform which allows you to add lots of details about your ecommerce website business and your services. It’s a great opportunity to put your business on the map and kick start your ecommerce website, as well as generate some extra online exposure.

4. Create a Facebook Page and Add Shop Items to your Page…

Getting a little social media marketing implementation going is another great way to kick start your ecommerce website… You can start by creating a Facebook business page for your website, then add some information about your business and upload images of your products, don’t forget to link your photos back to the products on your website. Add a Facebook Like box to your website’s homepage to start building those fans.

Should you wish you can also add your products to your Facebook page using a shopping cart app such as Shopping Mall by Payvement, or VendorShop.

5. Get List Building…

Add an email op-in form to the home page of your ecommerce website and get those visitors subscribing to your email newsletter, send out newsletters with all the latest offers and promotions to promote sales. Check out our post on how to build a list effectively…

How to Grow An Email List For Your Blog Like Never Before

6. Create a Google Plus Business Page

Using social media as a platform to create customers and build relationships with those customers is essential; regardless which platform or indeed media you use…

Google Plus is Google’s most successful venture into social networking. Businesses are already flocking over there to create business pages and so should you be… so get ahead of your competitors and create a business page for your ecommerce business and upload images of your products with links to your shop pages.

Click on the following link to create a Google Plus business page: http://plus.google.com/u/0/pages/create

7. Sell on eBay

One of the best ways to kick start your ecommerce business is to start selling on eBay and using eBay as a platform to promote your ecommerce website. Just add a few low profile products to your eBay store and generate some sales, whist using the communication aspect of the sales and after sale to promote your own website.

You can check out our post regarding eBay and ecommerce here:

How to Make A Part Time Income On eBay

So just to recap on the tips we’ve just covered to kick start your ecommerce business –

  • Use Submit Express to submit your website to over 70 search engines
  • Get your website listed on the GoodNetGuide and the GoodShopGuide
  • Get listed in Google Places
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Create a Google Plus business page
  • Sell on eBay

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  • Shynne

    We’ve been using Infomaxim for some time and love it’s flexibility. Real time analytics which build out customer profiles you can use for re-marketing is pretty neat!

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Shynne, thanks for stopping by I’ll look into Infomaxim it sounds interesting.

  • http://www.modestmoney.com/ Jeremy @ Modest Money

    These are good tips to kick start your ecommerce website. I don’t think I agree with using submitexpress though. You are right that search engines can find new websites on there own, especially if you share it on social bookmarking sites and get a few good backlinks. The search engines that cannot automatically find your website are usually so small that they are unlikely to ever send any traffic.

    Another good tip is to write and distribute an interesting press release about what makes your ecommerce website different and why people should care. If you have an interesting enough angle, that can result in all kinds of media exposure. If you submit it with a paid press release distribution company, it will result in a bunch of high quality links, regardless how interesting it actually is.

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    i want to make my own Ecommerce Website

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    nice info and strategy mention,my site is also ecommerce site and i will implement all strategy mention in this post

  • http://www.shoppingbags.com/ Shopping Bags

    Using facebook page and other social media platforms is really helpful in promoting your business on the web and reaching your target audience.

  • http://parigh.com/ Ashish kamble

    Is it possible to promot my e commerce site on facebook and how i will promote it??

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      I’m currently putting an article together about promoting ecommerce site on Facebook Ashish will have it published here shortly, so don’t forget to subscribe to our email for updates ;)

  • http://www.sbr-technologies.com Marle@SEO Services

    Getting the keyword ranking for a new website is considered one of the toughest in internet marketing. I have found your tips quite effective and I will definitely use those for my website as well. I will post my experience after using those.

  • http://www.bookmarks-tips-reviews.com Lisa@tips and reviews

    Thanks for the suggestions, they are really valuable. I must admit, I didn’t know about some of the tools you mention, so thanks again. I would add to promote your ecommerce site on Twitter and Facebook – this always helps, even if it seems that most of your friends/followers are in a business that has nothing to do with your niche or with promotion in general.