5 Tips To Keep Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

You can’t expect a car to run smoothly on no engine oil, the same way you wouldn’t expect a blog to run smoothly with very few readers… Or worst still can you imagine what it would be like if you were to suddenly loose all the interest of your readers? It can happen to any blogger who don’t recognize the signs…

Here are 5 tips to keep your readers interested in your blog…

Give them what they want

It’s so easy to get caught up in the zone, where all you’re doing is writing about the things that interests you the most. This is OK but sometimes too much of this can also cause you to drift into writing too many off topic or content that your readers won’t be interested in reading…

Essentially you should write for your audience as often as possible. Find out what kinds of posts your readers are commenting on the most and what kinds of questions they are asking you in their comments…

Remember what ever you do, ensure that you always write quality, valuable and informative content that make readers want to come back to your blog…

Don’t suddenly change your blog’s design without getting some feedback

If you’re going to change the look and layout of your blog, first consider your readers interest. There is nothing worst than confusing your audience with a sudden fancy new layout where all of the their favorite navigational links has suddenly been moved or worst still removed completely, or the page has become far too busy.

Instead create a mock of what your preferred new look is going to look like and post it to your blog in the form of a post, ask for feedback from your readers. It’s also a cool way to encourage engaging activities and to build stronger relationship with your readers.

Don’t bombard your readers with ads and affiliate links

This is ultimately one of the best ways to put off your readers. Ads are inevitable on any blog, but ensuring the balance is right is furthermore important.

Don’t over bombard your blog and your readers with excessive annoying ads and affiliate links. Furthermore you won’t only put off readers but you could also get your blog penalized by Googles new page layout algo

Don’t ignore your commentators

Another tip you’ll probably come across frequently, and in fact one of the things that really gripe me personally, are blog authors and guest authors that don’t reply to comments…

If you want to really keep your readers interest at heart ensure your level of engagement with them is good and on a personal level when ever possible (treat them individually). Reply to comments, ask questions to lengthen conversations on your blog, build relationships which is really important anyway for a blog to be successful…

Keep an eye on your page loading times

My last tip of the day for keeping readers interested in your blog, is to keep a close eye on your page loading times. There are some great tools on the web to use to check your blog’s loading time. Google Web Master tools and Pingdom are amongst them.

Share your tips…

Do you have any tips and suggestions to keep readers interested in your blog? What are your secrets… Let me know your reactions on the tips above also, leave your comments in the section below.

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