How One Week Away From the Desk Has Improved My Blogging

Hey everyone I’ve just returned from a well earned break away with some friends down in Sunny Cornwall, England. We stayed at a place called Prussia Cove, which is located on the South Coast of Cornwall, about 8 miles north of St Ives.

This has always been one of my favourite locations in England for a short break away.

We stayed in an old 17th century cottage, (No1 Coastguard cottages) overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. I’ve seen a lot of England and there are some breathtaking locations for sure, but for me the most beautiful parts of it is certainly located here in the South West, Cornwall in particular without a doubt… if you ever get the chance to visit do it, I feel quite privileged to be living on the Cornish border.

Anyways whilst the week was about spending time relaxing and getting some much needed time away from work, having zero access to the internet and very limited mobile phone, and GPS signal was a real kick in the teeth.

It meant updating the blog was a no go from the place we were staying at, so whilst not having access to the internet, I managed to get a lot writing done, and so the week and the location gave me enough time to inspire myself and become a lot more creative with my content creation.

As well as putting together some future posts I also managed to do a lot of work on my new information product.

On the days we took trips away from the cottage we managed to find a Starbucks with Wi-Fi internet access, woo hoo… where I was able to schedule some posts, reply to comments and read some emails.

So how has spending time away from the desk helped my blogging in any way?

First of all the break away was refreshing and taking a break was certainly in order as I’ve been feeling a little depleted before going away.

Secondly I’ve had a lot more time to think about what I’ve been writing on the blog, and to be a little more creative with my content creation.

I’ve only managed to publish 3 or 4 posts throughout the whole week, but they have been a lot more thought through than normally I think. If I were sat at the desk I’d probably be cranking out 2 posts per day minimum. So the week away was also reminder that quality comes above quantity always.

Ok, I don’t usually do this but I thought it would be cool to show off some photo’s our week away… (Photos taken with iPhone 4)

Holiday 1

Holiday 2

Holiday 3

Holiday 4

Holiday 5

Holiday 6

Thanks Samantha Wright (Co-Founder and Second Editor at Magnet4Marketing), Joe Bulmer (Political blogger at and Gina Ellen (musician and professional singing teacher) for a great week…

Our good friend Seb Bailey was unfortunately missing due to a critical illness, but he’s on the mend and we’ll certainly do it all again soon, roll on summer… I had a great time, well worth taking a break, thanks guys

Fabrizio Van Marciano

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  1. You are absolutely right that quality is much more important than quantity! And I think that 3-4 interesting articles in a week is also a good result! That’s great that you had an excellent rest!

  2. Genie says:

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos, reminding me I need to bounce for a vacation :)

    Taking a break – even short breaks definitely should be encouraged. We get to revitalize our mind and get our spirit rejuvenated. Our mind is clearer and we are of course more focused which is a plus when it comes to blogging. I am happy you made the choice and had a fabulous time. Now you are ready to rumble – all refreshed. Cheers!
    Genie recently posted..Checklist for a Complete Medical Check: WomenMy Profile

    • Hi Genie, thanks for stopping by the blog, I’m pleased you enjoyed the photos. Taking breaks is something we all need to do from time to time. I know I’ve only been back at the desk for just a few days but I’m already missing being on vacation, never mind I’ll just have to work hard and look forward to my next break :) like you say I’m ready and refreshed for business now and look forward to bringing some great content to the blog over the coming weeks. Have a great day Genie.

  3. Glad to hear that you had a good break. I think it is important to occasionally take a break from work, otherwise it is easy to get worn down. I’m new to blogging, but I can already see that truly taking a complete break will be challenging. It is easy enough to schedule some posts to publish while you are away, but there is still a lot of work to reply to comments, answer e-mails, comment on other blogs and so on. It seems I might have to eventually take on a blogging partner to get more flexibility.
    Jeremy @ Modest Money recently posted..Craigslist Classified Ads – Bargain Hunting Made SimpleMy Profile

  4. Hey Jeremy, welcome back to the blog, you’re absolutely right it was challenging especially updating the blog and replying to comments and email from a remote location, thank god for Starbucks huh :) Getting a blogging partner seems like a worthy idea for the future, all the best…


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