What should Web Marketers do differently for Valentines Day Themes than they did for the holidays?

According to some journalists, Valentines Day is one of the most brilliant and successful gimmick holidays ever invented, prepped and primed for marketing. This is hard to argue with when considering that the entire occasion is built around buying merchandise.

Every year, couples express their love and affection by exchanging gifts, influenced by the adverts for greeting cards, chocolate and flowers that seem to strategically premiere right after Christmas. While the savvy businessman may view this as just another holiday, there are some different, yet effective ways to approach Valentines Day marketing campaigns.

valentines day marketing

Dress for the Occasion

One thing you may not have done during the holidays was get too “Christmassy” with your design. Although implementing a theme that fits the moment is certainly a good strategy, it is understandable if this is something you avoided due to the cultural diversity of your list.

The last thing you want to do is offend your audience by assuming they celebrate one religious holiday or another. With Valentines Day being a secular holiday, you tend to have a lot more leeway as people are far less likely to find offense in your designs.

Don’t hesitate to use this as an opportunity to wow your readers with an eye-catching template and cleverly crafted copy that puts them in the mood for whatever you have in store.

Offer Deep Discounts

Valentines Day is all about couples, romance, fine dining, and all that fun mushy stuff. Playing up these aspects and incorporating relevant traditions is a great way to distinguish your Valentines Day emails from your holiday campaigns.

For example, if you are aiming to sell a product or service, you could tempt your customers with packages designed for two, or a 2-for-1 offer for a little cost savings.

Restaurants, novelty shops, and other types of retail establishments have been using the offer of generous discounts to drive their Valentines Day initiatives for year, but this tactic can work no matter what industry category your business falls in.

Market without Marketing

Maybe the entire focus of the campaign you ran over the holiday season was all about selling your new product or getting rid of old stock. If this is the case, you might be able to make a huge impact by offering gift-giving ideas instead of trying to get your subscribers to buy something.

This can work out great if you have a selection that could make a potentially good gift for the love of their life. Even if the items you recommend are not in your store, simply being a valuable source of information can help you win the hearts of your subscribers.

It is not uncommon for consumers to reward sound advice with unwavering support.

Is your marketing strategy ready for the Valentines Day crowd? Hopefully so, because rest assure, that the competition will be employing every trick under the sun to court your audience members. Perhaps taking an approach that differs from the norm will enable you to stand out and win them over.

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  1. Yes you don’t want to ignore the holidays when you’re in marketing, especially if you offer something that directly applied to that holiday. It’s all about getting in the head of your potential customers. If your customers are going to be focused on something at a certain time of year, the smart marketers will play into that mindset and fulfill their needs. Just be sure your business is suitable for a promotion related to that holiday. For example, while it would be amusing for a vacuum store to have a Valentine’s Day promotion, female customers may take offense.
    Jeremy @ Modest Money recently posted..Watch Movies At Home To Avoid The GougingMy Profile

  2. sorry for myself I do not like the day valentine day,
    saripati manggis recently posted..Pengobatan Alami SendiMy Profile

  3. Liane Markus says:

    We all know that even if it is Valentines day, we still need to work on with our website. Web marketers should try to change their themes that are related to valentines day even just for the day. I know this is not easy to do but I know many readers would love to see sites that are also celebrating valentines day.

  4. Holly O`Riley says:

    I hope there’s a lot of retailers who read this article, because every Valentine’s day prices are just rises up! We want more discounts, atleast in this lovely day :)

  5. I agree. Every time when there is a seasonal occasions prices are going up. I love the idea of having a Valentines Day marketing. :)
    Shameka Hennagir @ Timber Doors Brisbane recently posted..Timber DoorsMy Profile

  6. Angel Collins says:

    It’s true. Most web marketers focus on selling the product instead on their website. Well designed websites attracts readers and customers more. Web marketers should read this post.
    Angel Collins recently posted..Reader Questions: Covering Redness and PigmentationMy Profile

  7. Rebecca J. Parker says:

    Offering great discounts is a great way of winning costumers. Thanks for this great post :)
    Rebecca J. Parker recently posted..SEO AgencyMy Profile

  8. I’m always fascinated by people who manage to capitalise on holidays. I always wake up too late and never really get the chance to get in there. I work for a print shop btw :)

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