Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic and Income Report for January 2012

Hey folks it’s that time of the month for yet another blog traffic and income report, and the first one of 2012. But before we crack on with this month’s numbers, I just want to remind everyone of the target I set myself at the beginning of the month of January, and if you remember I also mentioned that I wanted to increase the blog’s overall traffic from 12,600 visits in January to 18,600 visits by the end of March 2012.

My goal for January was to have an increase of 2,000 new visitors to the blog, that’s an increase from 12,600 visitors to 14,600 visitors…

Other Goals Reached

  • Email subscribers now at 600 (Gained 74 new email subscribers)
  • Launched version 3.0 of 170 Blog Traffic Tips eBook
  • Launched series of podcasts

Traffic Statistics for January 2012

Figures marked in blue are December’s figures…

Visitors 16,201 / 12,602

Page views 24,938 / 19,268

Pages per visit 1.54 / 1.53

Bounce rate 76% / 77%

Time on site 1.38 / 1:36

In January I didn’t just reach my target traffic goal of 14,600 visitors but I almost doubled it, attracting 16,201 visitors to the blog, an increase of 3,000+ new visitors. Page views also increased to almost 24,938.

My all-time personal goal is to reach 65,000 visitors to the blog and around 100,000 page views per month. I’d like to think that I’m somewhat a quarter of my way there.

My target for February was originally 16,000 visitors, but since I already achieved this target in January, my target for February is to now increase the blog’s traffic to 18,000 visitors.

Things that I did to increase traffic in January

Guest Posts x 2 (ComLuv Network, Technshare)

Posts on other Blogging Sites x 2 (HubPages,

Comments on other blogs x 68

Comments on forum posts x 8

Videos uploaded to YouTube x 4

Podcasts x 2

Income Report

This month’s blog income is slightly better than of December’s income report.

Google AdSense – $69.59

Infolinks – $9.42

DreamHost Web Hosting$22.00




Website Services – $110.00

Total $373.88

Income is still a little low, in particular Google AdSense. Affiliate income is a little low too but again I’ve done nothing substantial enough to warrant a great income than what you see here. This month I’ll be doing a few more online promotions as well as posting some product reviews.

I’ve also begun work on a new information product, an untitled 12 week program for bloggers, which is all I can reveal for now, but I’ll be working on this for the next few months at least. More information and updates will be posted closer to the time in which we’ll have a release date for you. Until the next traffic and income report, have a great month and happy blogging.