Monitoring Audi’s Super Bowl Ad on Social Media: Future of Engagement

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was almost as big of an advertising event as it was a football event, with companies competing to see who could create the most memorable ad to the biggest television audience in American history. Audi ran an ad for LED headlights, and said that the lights were almost as bright as the Sun. In the ad, a vampire in an Audi pulled up to a vampire party in the woods and accidentally fried the blood-sucking revelers with his headlights.

Audi promoted the ad on Twitter by displaying a Twitter hashtag at the end. Here’s a look at how it spread on social media:


  • Audi used the Twitter hashtag to bring the campaign to social media. This helped make it the 8th most popular ad on the USA Today Admeter.
  • The ad was released online before it aired on TV. Mentions of Audi quadrupled in the week before the Super Bowl, according to social media monitoring firm Alerti.
  • The vampire ad had over 4.8 million views the Monday morning after the Super Bowl, less than 24 hours after it aired on TV. Watch it here.

Mentions of Audi related to their Super Bowl #SoLongVampires ad campaign

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring and management

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