4 Tips for Overcoming Lazy Bloggers Syndrome

In this post we’ll look at 4 ways to get out of lazy bloggers syndrome –

Lazy bloggers syndrome is when you have a day or two of feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything with your blog, whether it’s writing your next post or logging into your dashboard to reply to comments etc.

We all get lazy at times, it’s in our nature to feel not bothered some days to do anything let alone blog. However I do believe that feeling lazy is not necessarily a bad thing at all; to me it’s a way of our so called Mojo telling us, ‘nah not today I just want to put it off until later’ kind of thing. And that applies not just in blogging but in general day to day life…

lazy bloggers syndrome

Just to mention that there is a really great read up on Jane Sheeba’s blog titled 3 causes and effects of laziness, its well worth the read as it certainly opened my eyes up on the topic laziness. You can check it out here –


So when does ‘being lazy’ become an issue in blogging?

The laziness issue turns into a problem when it becomes more apparent or lasts for longer spells. If you’ve been feeling a little uninspired to blog or just been stuck in a lazy rut where everything seems to be a challenge, then take a break.

However if your bout of laziness is something that you feel you can easily shake off, then here are four tips that can help you out of lazy bloggers syndrome.

How to Overcome Lazy Bloggers Syndrome

Do something inspiring – And I don’t mean write a blog post about how to overcome lazy bloggers syndrome either… Go for a walk on the beach, go watch an inspiring and uplifting movie, the Rocky films does it for me. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, as long as it involves achieving your sense of self-satisfaction back. Here’s another example; washing the car and giving it a good old wax job can even leave you feeling proud of the finished result. Of course there are many forms of physical activities that can help you get out of lazy bloggers syndrome.

Set yourself a realistic target – Sometimes the monotony of blogging can seem like an endless journey to no where, especially when progress is slow…

Goal setting is an integral part of blogging to success. You can aim for a long term goal, achieved through smaller goals, or even set yourself a target to achieve in a day. Check out our post on using SMART goals to give you some ideas.


Prioritize what’s important first Sometimes we can fall into lazy bloggers syndrome just because we’re crap at prioritizing what’s important first. Are you using the term ‘lazy’ loosely as an excuse to put off what you need to do?

One good little practice to do when you’re feel torn between the things you need to do and things you don’t need to do is, to write a list of the important things you need to do for your blog, and a list of the not so important things you don’t need to do but want to do… Here are a few examples…

Which is more important to you? Sitting down for the next few hours playing Call of Duty with your online buddies, or sitting down and writing and scheduling blog posts for the next week or so?

Which is more important to you? Going out at the weekend and getting wasted on alcohol and fast food, or getting a takeaway and spending the whole weekend in marketing and promoting your blog?

I think you get the drift here…

In this instance, lazy bloggers syndrome has become selective by putting what is less important in front of what is more important.

These tips are not exclusive, and I’m sure there are plenty of other ways and methods to get out of lazy bloggers syndrome. Let me know your thoughts and the things you do to get out of the lazy feeling that sometimes occur as a blogger.

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  1. Hello,

    Great article. I am also a lazy kind of blogger. After reading your article I will do something inspiring from now.

    Thanks for sharing .
    Best regards,
    Amrik Virdi
    Amrik @ Monetize Blogging recently posted…4 Best Blogging Platform For Team BlogMy Profile

  2. I also found that writing at the right hour of day is also key… at least that’s how it is for me. Afternoons can make me lazy specially on a weekend when it is the only chance I get to laze around with my family. When I write in the evening I get distracted by the thought of the warm bed and cuddling with my hubby. I find early mornings -just right before the sun rises – as the most conducive. Nobody’s awake except me so I don’t get distracted, and the beauty and serenity of the new day and the sweet chirping of the birds set the right mood for writing.
    Reese recently posted…Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card Review: 50000 Bonus Points vs Annual FeeMy Profile

    • Hi Reese, you paint a very tranquil and peacful picture. Yes I must agree that I’m the same too. Normally by the afternoon I’m feeling a little less inspired and less energetic to be creative which is why I write around mid morning. Writing in bed is deadly for me as I normally nod off to sleep and wake up at 3 in the morning with the laptop fan screaming at me lol.
      Fabrizio Van Marciano recently posted…3 Essential Tips for Creating Better Blog PostsMy Profile

  3. Very good advices, Fabrizio! Personally, I believe in taking notes on my blog content ideas during the day, just some words, it does help me a lot! As a matter of fact, I just published a new post today, it feels good!!! :D
    Julia recently posted…dental crownMy Profile

  4. For me writing in the blog is just a work. I have an approximate timetable – when I should start to work every day, the time for lunch and so on. My blog is my job))) My love job!!!
    Sometimes I don’t want to work or to write but it happens so rare ))))

  5. Valid points you are sharing here. A blog is a very powerful platform you can use to build long-lasting relationships with your readers and keep them coming back for more.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  6. Hey Fabrizio,

    You’re probably going to find this strange but I don’t think I’ve come across a time yet that I don’t feel like answering comments, writing posts or logging into my dashboard. I know, strange huh!

    I guess I just love sharing content so I certainly don’t mind sitting down and writing posts. I love answering comments because I get excited to see what others thought and any suggestions they may have for me as well. Of course the logging into my dashboard comes with me answering comments.

    So I’m saying it hasn’t hit me yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though so wish me luck.

    Love Jane’s blog too so I have no doubt her post has all sorts of goodies too!

    Enjoyed your post.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Get Others To Build Your LinksMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, thanks for stopping by :) I can actually believe that you don’t ever feel like not answering comments on your blog, you’re one of only a few bloggers that I visit where the author actively engages with every commentator, which is quite inspiring really :)

  7. I too sometimes face the creative block. Set yourself a realistic target – Bang on! Great post.
    Nimsrules recently posted…SEO Terminology Part 1My Profile

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