How to Promote your Affiliate Products Using Free Resources to Make Money Online

In this post you will learn how to promote your affiliate products using three free resources…

My 3-piece fail-proof strategy

Using PPC or other forms of costly online advertising services can really set you back, especially if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing and making money online. Also, not everyone can either afford to set up a blog and go through the hurdles of marketing and trying to build traffic to that blog, as we all know this takes time and hard work.

Needless to say however, I believe that the best way to promote your affiliate products and start the process of making money online from zero, is through using free resources.

And today I want to share with you three methods of how to use free resources to effectively make money online, promoting your affiliate links or products.

In the strategy we’re going to do the following –

  1. Create a free landing page using Moonfruit
  2. Write some articles and publish them on free content sites
  3. Create videos and upload them to YouTube, again will cost you nothing

How to Promote your Affiliate Products using 3 Simple But Effective Methods

Promote your Affiliate Products – Step one: Create an eBook

The process is to create an eBook… What? But what the heck do I put in it? I hear you ask… Well that should be easy to figure out…

Let’s say you want to promote a particular product from ClickBank, and let’s say you’ve bought this product for yourself and tried it out and found some great use for it… Now you want others to know about it and also make some money for referring it… that’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell more or less…

So first off… you need to write a short guide in the form of an eBook, explaining how others can use that product effectively, and how it has helped you to find a solution to a particular problem? Write about the products features and benefits, even outline its flaws and things you think could be better, but overall give it the thumbs up.

This is just an example as you can write your eBook about anything regarding the product itself, but be 100% honest at all times.

Once you’ve done writing it, ensure you add some relevant photos and of course your affiliate links of the products you’re promoting to the content of your eBook so that others can purchase it for themselves, at the same time you’ll earn a commission for it.

You can use the URL shortening service for your affiliate links if they are too long…

Now… create a free website landing page using Moonfruit SiteMaker and upload your eBook to your files. Don’t forget to create a download link for your eBook on your landing page. You might even want to add an opt-in and give it away as an incentive for signing up to your email update; this is entirely your choice.

You can check out my landing page here which created using Moonfruit

Promote your Affiliate Products – Step Two: Write Some Articles

Ok, so now we want to do some good old fashion article marketing, to both promote your new landing page, and to promote your affiliate product.

Many people seem to be shying away from article marketing and article sites in general, thinking that people don’t really read them anymore. However trust me when I say this that there are plenty of engaging activities going, on web 2.0 blogging sites that are free to use, sites such as HubPages, Squidoo and InfoBarrel.

So if you’re thinking about doing article marketing, use the blogging sites as apposed to sites like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase. These sites are great but the engagement on them is nothing to be desired.

Ok, the first step is to write 5 or even 6 or more good 400-plus word pieces of content about the affiliate product you want to promote, this can be in the form of a review, or a ‘how to’ or what ever else… just make sure they are unique and helpful to others wanting to learn more about what you’re trying to promote.

The second step is to publish one of each of those articles on a web 2.0 property site as mentioned above, for example see below –

1st Article =

2nd Article =

3rd Article =

4th Article =

5th Article =

6th Article –

7th Article – Your Blog

Now except for the one published on your blog, create a short descriptive bio for each other article and remember to include 1 x affiliate link in the form of an anchor link, and a second link to the download landing page of your eBook you created in step one. Again you can use the URL shortening service for this should you wish.

Promote your Affiliate Products – Step three: Use Video

YouTube is a godsend of a free resource for many online marketers and is one of the best media platforms to use to promote your affiliate products effectively. You can create your own viral videos related to the products you want to promote and make money from.

The first step here is to create 4 or 5 short videos about the product you are promoting. Again this can be a video review, a ‘how to’ video, a comparison with another product video, or what ever else…

When you’re done, publish your videos on YouTube and ensure that you add a relevant title and description. Use keywords to enhance SEO also.

Don’t forget to add a link to your eBook landing page and a link to your affiliate product itself in the description. Again I’d recommend using URL shortening service.

So let’s just see what we’ve done….

promote your affiliate products

You’ve created 5 or more good content marketing pieces, 5 or more product marketing videos and you’ve made an attempt to promote your affiliate links and your eBook landing page. People who also happen to download your eBook will most likely be get clicking on your affiliate links too.

This is one of the best strategies to promote your affiliate products and making money online using free resources. And the buck doesn’t have to stop there, as the more articles and more videos you create, the more referrals you will make and the more money in your pot.

I used a very similar structure of methods to promote several ClickBank products myself last year (2011), and managed to bank over $600 worth of sales, and that was my first ever real attempt at making money online with ClickBank. I certainly hope you can take away parts of this strategy and apply it to your own marketing efforts. Let me know your reactions on the methods above, maybe you have your own ways to promote your affiliate products… Leave me a comment below.

My Affiliate Earnings

My ClickBank earnings for late last year…

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    Well being that my site now does pretty good in the search engines, my blog posts tend to make the most affiliate sales for me. After that is through email marketing which I’m sure will outpace the blog posts due to me recently implementing sales funnel processes which I thought would be difficult but turned out to be easy to set up with some awesome resources I found!

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