Personal Branding: How to Make More Money by Conducting a Digital Audit

In the realm of personal branding, consistently presenting the essence of what makes you stand out happens in a big way online. With the increasing importance of the Internet in all aspects of modern life and its well-established influence in all areas of professional life, you need to know where you stand now so that […]

Discovering and Promoting Your Personal Brand through Social Media

Promoting your personal brand – Finding your personal brand is a lot easier said than done: it requires identifying and highlighting certain qualities about yourself that are entirely unique and noteworthy when compared to other professionals in your industry. The concept of personal branding is a form of self-packaging that can include several characteristics of […]

Battle Between Google+ and Facebook

Facebook’s dominance over the social media landscape has not been challenged for a long time.  With over 1 Billion active users, Facebook is easily ahead of any of its competitors.  However, the launch of Google’s new social networking site Google+ has changed things slightly. In a very short time span Google has amassed more than […]