3 Essential Tips for Creating Better Blog Posts

In this article I will share with you 3 tips for creating better blog posts - I am sure that you’ve read many tips before now about how to create better content for your blog. Tips like; be consistent, write for your audience, check for spelling and grammatical errors, see what posts your readers are commenting on and sharing the most etc, etc.

These are essentially valuable tips and I’m all for those kinds of tips too, but today I want to share with you just three important tips that is not often talked about on blogs, about how to really help yourself as an individual, to create better content and creating better blog posts for your blog.

Post Ideas Come At Anytime

Ideas for blog posts should not arrive into your thoughts at regimental times, i.e. only when you’re sat in front of a computer or thinking about post topics.

No, in fact you can think of some of the best post ideas when you’re not even thinking about writing, whether you’re out shopping or in fact dozing off to sleep… post ideas can come flowing into your head.

Sometimes when I’m not at the desk and I’m out with friends etc, a spark in a conversation can often generate an idea for a blog post. An advertisement banner can also create ideas, there are many sources that you can use to generate post ideas and it doesn’t particularly have to be online.

A smartphone is very useful for making a note of your post ideas, or if not, just get hold of a small note book and a pen to carry around with you but a phone is more convenient.

When you get an idea for a possible blog post, write it down so that you can always refer back to it later. Like I said it doesn’t matter where you are, ideas can ping into your head at the most bazzarest of times…

Make Time

My second tip for creating better blog posts is to make the time or schedule your time to write. I find that I’m more alert at around mid morning. Also I tend to have the house to myself so that I can lock myself away and not have any distractions when I write.

Understandably not everyone can do this…

If you’re always subdued to a busy environment, I know it can be difficult to find a quite spot or even the time to devote your full focus and attention to writing without distractions, but if possible schedule your time, your god given hour of undisturbed isolation to just writing your blog post.

Tell everyone, be it your family or room mates or girlfriend or whoever, that you need one hour of complete solitude to get your writing done. I’m sure they will understand.

Publish Your Post… the Next Day

This is something I’ve been doing from the start of 2012 now and it can really help you become more refined in creating better blog posts for your blog.

Even after getting a really good post idea that you’re positive is going to set your blog on fire, even when you’ve devoted your hour of creativity writing your post sat in your chosen place of Zen, think twice before hitting that publish button…

Nope, instead leave the post entirely and come back to it later or the next day even… go for a bike ride, watch some telly or even sleep on it… And when you come back to it much later, just read it one final time, you can then decide to push publish or make some final tweaks.

So folks that’s my three essential tips for creating better blog posts! Let me know your thoughts or whether you think the tips here will help you or not. If you have your own outrageous tips to share please do so in the comments section below as always.

  • Samantha Wright

    Making time is important, and it’s one of the things I’ve found quite difficult to do especially in my busy days lately. I 100% agree that finding your place of Zen is important in blogging, especially if you want to be creative in your content creation.

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    I think lists always do well too Fabrizio, like the one you have above.

  • http://www.selaplana.com/ Sustines


    I just want to add to make the tips into four.

    Do a research. Research more information about the topic you are about to write to make it more authentic, interesting, and packed with knowledge.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi, thanks for stopping by and adding your contribution. Researching more information about the topic you want to write about is certainly amongst the list of essentials, thanks again.

  • http://monetizeblogging.com Amrik Virdi

    Thank you for sharing a great article. I like the third point which you have mentioned above. It’s good to post the article next day after some relaxation.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Absolutely, I’ll do this often and often I’ll end up changing parts of the post before posting.

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    I also think that we should also keep in my mind the fact that we should write posts only when we have desire to do it or inspiration. But don’t try to write when you are in bad mood or don’t want to do it

  • http://www.histopath-lab.com/ Yogesh Sonar

    These are best tips for blogging.