Planning a Content Marketing Strategy

How does one go about planning a content marketing strategy? - Many small business owners quickly grow tired of the expenses involved with their available marketing channels. Advertising, telemarketing, and pay-per-click campaigns can quickly exhaust budgets and deliver disappointing results. As a result, many entrepreneurs are looking for better ways to attract customers on the cheap.

Content marketing has become one of the most affordable and powerful ways to drive website traffic and generate publicity for your business. At its core, content marketing is essentially the process of publishing great content both onsite, and off, to develop, grow, and engage a larger audience.

To be successful, your content must be found, paid attention to, and ultimately shared. To avoid coming up short, and to achieve the results to which you aspire, you must start with a solid content marketing strategy.

content marketing strategy


When planning a strategy, you should think of content marketing as a process. Successful marketers define and set some realistic expectations to avoid discouragement. Implementing a successful content marketing strategy requires planning, effort, and options.

If you expect to solve all of your problems and see an avalanche of traffic after you publish a few articles, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Without a detailed strategy and clear expectations, your marketing plan will never gain traction. 


Next, you should identify some SEO opportunities to expand your footprint. This can include guest posting, social networking, and quality article and directory submissions. Use some of the many available tools on the web to research your competitors’ strategies and analyze their ideas.

This can help you determine the approximate amount of time and effort necessary to surpass them, and what resources will be required to see your plan to fruition.


If you have little or no content marketing experience, you still have options. You can outsource your efforts to a third party, hire staff internally, or you can learn to do it yourself. If you are a part of the majority of small business owners who don’t have the resources to pay for basic services, don’t fret. There is nothing wrong taking charge and doing it yourself. Quite often, this can be the optimal method as nobody understands your business and industry better than you do.

However, taking on the responsibility for content marketing is a commitment. You will be tasked with generating quality, unique content on a daily basis. Remember, while your goal may be traffic generation, you must deliver content that adds value to your readers.

You should remember to consider both the quantity and quality of the traffic you desire. This means you must resist the temptation to create content just for the sake of generating content.

Attentive readers will quickly pick up on any content that looks forced. On the other hand, readers will appreciate authentic effort and quality content. Understand how your content fits into your overall marketing strategy and process.

Attentively planning your content marketing strategy will help you understand where you are lacking, the task at hand, and the resources required to meet your objectives. Most importantly, proper planning will help you drive more and better traffic, and ultimately sales.

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  • Bluehost

    Some great advice there Dan, planning your content marketing strategy carefully is essential.

  • Daniel

    I can say that’s true (you can tell when someone isn’t really trying to write something good, and when they are just writing to get something out). Each one of us is different and is excited about different things. Those of who are excited about something when we are writing about that topic will have a certain energy behind our ‘words’ that others won’t.

    • Dan Strokes

      Another good idea is to blog about something interesting that is tangentially related to your topic. If you write about Texas real estate, for instance, try writing a blog simply about Texas.

  • Liane Markus

    I am aware that planning a marketing strategy is not an easy task to do but for those experts and those people who are very familiar with this, this will be easy for them. Than ks for some of the best tips and strategies that you have shared here.

    • Dan Strokes

      True. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expert. Many small business owners face small budgets and have to learn to become experts themselves!

  • custom items

    Hi Dan, You’re right. I should start to put up content marketing in such a way my readers will pay attention to the subject and for it to be shared very well. To carefully plan, you need with it a strategy which is necessary to create proper expectations, in my part and the reader.

  • BuySellWordpress

    The main part, of course, is research.I think that much attention should be paid on it, because only having necessary knowledge can lead to positive results

    • Dan Strokes

      Definitely. Research is critical. I’ve found that it is equally to important to know what to spend time researching, and what to ignore.

  • Sanjay

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for sharing some tips there, although I don’t plan that much on my content (mostly tutorial stuff) I do agree to grab every SEO opportunity that you can have. Thanks for the tips!
    Btw, Nice theme you have here. :)

  • Mike Schwenk

    Hey Dan,

    Some great points here…

    The first line of your post is something I think more people should consider: “you should think of content marketing as a process”. In my opinion, breaking things down is the easiest way to overcome figuring out the “how” and “where” of getting started.

    I recently did a post about content marketing as well. Perhaps it will also benefit others:

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    Can make the process easier by inviting guest writers to blog. If it is affordable hire a good writer who can do the job. Or else sit down and get ideas from readers, start writing which is the best.