How Can Social Media Monitoring Improve My Marketing Campaign?

Social media monitoring, How can you use it to Improve your Marketing Campaign? - The initial growth of the Internet allowed marketers to target narrow demographics. If a website is about weightlifting, weight lifting companies would buy banner ad space and be able to target the readers of that website. Ads could be further tailored based off demographic information provided by the website.

For example, a weightlifting website read by women might advertise lighter dumb bells than a weightlifting website read by men. However, until recently, marketers couldn’t get much deeper than that.

In the early and mid 2000′s, social media came along in the form of MySpace. MySpace was mostly used by teens but ads could be targeted based on personal information people entered. Facebook overtook MySpace in the late 2000′s and is used by people from many demographics (though still weighted away from older folk).

Facebook records people’s browsing history on sites with Facebook plug-ins when they’re logged into Facebook, and also tracks the sort of pages they like and the demographic information they enter.

Facebook has access to user-provided information with Web and Facebook browsing history. With the ability to send ads to specific, individual users instead of just people who like the same website, Facebook and other social media outlets allow marketers target their ads at potential customers with more precision than ever before.

Social media monitoring

Google AdWords, another targeted ad solution, hosts ads on Google search results and tailors them according to known information about the person doing their search, including their search history. Google provides a free analytics and monitoring tool that shows marketers what ad words people click on, but it only works for searches on their search engines and not for social netorks.

As a result, perky start-ups like Alerti filled the void by developing tools that help marketers keep track of what people say across social media platforms.

social media monitoring

Instantaneous information

Let’s say you’ve launched an ad campaign and are unsure over what people think about it. You could wait to see whether it affects sales, but there’s so many confounding variables that you might not be able to attribute a sales bump or dip to your recent ad campaign.

But what if you could see exactly what people are writing about you? What if you had access to what people were saying about you on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, all in one place?

Analyze how people are reacting to your ad campaigns

Social media monitoring tools let marketers see what people are saying about their products across social media. Social media monitoring tools collect posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks (and blogs) and present them to you so that you can see what people are saying about your ad campaign, and where they are saying it.

This means that you can know what people think about your advertising campaign before they’ve even had the chance to buy a product.

More exposure to good potential leads

Technorati can be used to search blogs too, but they present their results like a search engine and don’t provide any analytics. On the other hand, social media monitoring tools present marketing data as a series of alerts and covers social networks as well as blogs.

Since most good services, like Alerti, also cover blog posts, you can use social media monitoring to find blogs that already write about your niche. From there, you can find out which sites are worthwhile for advertising. Thus, the social media monitoring service provided you with a cheap source for high quality, targetable leads.

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  1. David says:

    Some great stats there Murray, social media marketing is only going to increase in importance.

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    Because social media creates a great impact to people who are into business online, I am sure this post will be providing them with lots of benefits which they can use with their business. Thanks for this great information because many will be interested in making their own marketing campaign with the help of your great post.

  3. Using social media monitoring tools is obviously a great tactic, it helps to concentrate on your specific niche and not to waste your time for those customers who are not really interested in your products. Thank for great post!

  4. sanjay says:

    Pretty cool tool, I need to try this out!
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  5. Sebastian says:

    Social media is a strong tool for marketing businesses. I have read many blogs and forums with discussion on this topic. But I wonder, does social media work for all types of business or only web services? How can you leverage this tool effectively by focusing on your business niche? I get confused about these things. Also another question in my mind is: How effective is facebook advertising?

    • It works for most types of businesses, including but not limited to web services. Mainly it doesn’t work for businesses that cater to people who don’t use social media, such as senior citizens.

  6. cupom says:

    Very interesting your approach, especially knowing the growth of social media.

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    This is great peace of sharing review.Social media marketing is providing a whole new dimension for brands to connect with consumers.Today, companies understand that they should participate in the conversation,but many are struggling to find ways to direct their efforts towards quantifiable business results.Thanks for this informative posting..
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  8. Svetlana says:

    Great info, Murray! Fianlly I understand why I only see interesting ads on Facebook, and it makes sense to taget ads this way. But I guess now, with Alerti, we should be alert when saying something on the internet!
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    I don’t know about the rest but Facebook and Stumbleupon helped me a lot

  10. Social media marketing is very effective tool in optimizing website quickly and to easily gain good business.

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    I am sure this post will be providing them with lots of benefits which they can use with their business. Thanks for this great information because many will be interested in making their own marketing campaign

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    I thought Facebook would dominate.
    Yet social Media deserves deep interest in internet marketing
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  13. Google AdWords, another targeted ad solution, hosts ads on Google search results according to known information about the person doing their search, including their search history.

  14. aishalal says:

    Social media marketing campaign monitoring is an important aspect for any firm, they have to be specific about targeted customers. by monitoring in right way campaign can be successful and result into great benefits. Thanks!!!

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  16. Monitoring your social media activity can help you gauge the effectiveness of your strategy and will also help you see the weak points of your marketing strategy.

  17. This is a great method in social media marketing campaign……….you are doing a great job.
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