5 Ways To Grow An Email List For Your Blog Like Never Before

How to grow an email list for your Blog – By now you must have realised the importance of email marketing and building a list for your blog or business.

One of things I first learnt when building my online businesses was that building a list was the most important next step from SEO. Email means instant traffic; people coming onto your site from a link in your email newsletter to check out what you have to offer, to read your articles, to buy your affiliate products, to click on your ads and so on… so now hopefully you’ll appreciate the importance of why you should grow an email list for your blog.

Ok, I started off 2012 with a bang as far as list building is concerned, going from the odd subscriber every other day to 3 and 5 new email subscribers every day, and here’s how you can do the same. Check out the screenshot below of my subscribers just in January so far…

grow an email list for your blog

Email subscribers in January so far…

So how can you grow an email list for your blog fast? Let’s dive straight in…

Your Opt-in Form is your Lightsaber…

Your opt-in form is your sword, it’ the ultimate weapon in your arsenal to help you grow an email list for your blog, so be everywhere with your opt-in… Add it to your Facebook page, add it to your blog’s sidebar, add it to your blog’s about page, and add it to the end of your blog posts…even consider using a pop-up opt-in form just as long as it doesn’t annoy the heck out of your readers. I have several sites that focus around my niche so my opt-in form is on all of them and aggressively.

Create a Simple, Attractive, yet Powerful Landing Page

A landing page is a must, whether it’s a landing page within your blog or outside of your blog. When you create a landing page, keep in mind simplicity, being to the point and placing your opt-in form close to the top, as well as halfway down and at the bottom.

You can check out my landing page which is located outside of my blog on its own unique domain here.


After I created my landing page here’s what I did to promote it…

  • I Blogged about it…
  • I wrote an article and posted it on HubPages with a link to my landing page
  • I wrote an article and posted it InfoBarrel with a link back to my landing page
  • I created a lens in Squidoo
  • I commented on 80 blogs from my list (done genuinely) using my landing page URL as my website
  • I uploaded an image from my landing page into my Facebook page, and placed a link back to it in the comment section.
  • I Tweeted my landing page
  • I paid close attention to on-page SEO

Create your own Product

I would highly recommend creating your own product whether it’s a piece of software or an information based product, and give it away free on your landing page and opt-in forms, in exchange for an email address. I do believe that this has been one of my most successful methods so far. You can do the same to grow an email list for your blog too.

Don’t have your own product, never mind, you can use mine… what???? Yep… just as long as you leave all the contents as it is and don’t alter anything in anyway, you can use my eBook the 101 Blog Traffic Tips to help you build your own list… which brings me to the 4th way to grow your blog’s list… Give your Product a Creative Commons Licence

Use Social Networking Sites

Check out my Facebook page, the first thing people see when they land on my page is my opt-in form and my some fancy texts and images… it’s not hard to do really and it doesn’t have to look so polished that it ends up scaring people away, just as long as it gets the message across. It can also be a great way to increase your Facebook fans also.

For your other social profiles you can’t really add an opt-in form as such, but you can definitely add a link to the page containing your opt-in form.

Follow these 5 simple steps to help you grow an email list for your blog, and start getting more direct traffic when ever you post out an email newsletter…

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  1. Fabrizio, that is a really awesome landing page. I love the way it gets right to the point and I don’t need to scroll forever just to read your message. Thanks so much for offering to let us use your ebook. That’s pretty nice of you! I’m headed back over to download it now.
    Ileane recently posted…The Three C’s Needed for Your Blogging SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane, nice to see you here again, thanks for the valued feedback by the way on my landing page. Best of luck with the eBook also, I’ve always believed that sharing ideas and working together helps to make more people successful online.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips, I hope I can gain more traffic with this idea that you give me..
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  3. I really need to work on building my list up. I keep putting it off but I know it’s important. I also need to tie it to social marketing as well. These tips will help me expand on what I’m working on so thank you.
    Steve recently posted…JaguarPC Coupon CodeMy Profile

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