Publicity and Marketing Predictions for 2012

  • Applications will outdo websites as a means for interaction and advertisement. Applications will be used as the brochure and websites that market a company’s products and services.
  • Businesses that work on the basis of appointments, like lawyers and doctors for instance will use mobile phones as a means for communication and planning. This communication may be in the form of text messages or other instant messaging services but it will help cut down losses for these businesses in case of cancellations and no show clients.
  • People will begin to expect free access to information. Companies who charge for their information will also expect free service from other companies. This is primarily due to the growth in the number of free products available.
  • Entrepreneurs will begin hiring professionals to do their jobs instead of doing it themselves. This will lead to a direct increase in profits and productivity, and will reduce time wastage.
  • Unfortunately spam will continue to exist and may also increase. Websites being hijacked by spam will make visiting them less pleasing. This is especially true for social media sites.
  • Mobile marketing will see substantial growth. Organizations will work on making their websites more mobile friendly. Bookings and purchases will be made via mobile sites more frequently.
  • Even small businesses will have applications irrespective of whether they have a website or not. Customers will have access to basic information and may also be able to purchase coupons and tickets through these apps.
  • The demand for written information to be free will increase. Whether they are articles, blogs or books, customers will get more unwilling to pay for such services.
  • Customized services and products will gain importance and people will pay only if your product can be made according to their preferences. Businesses should plan ahead keeping this in mind.

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  1. Hello Annabelle,You are right, in 2012 there would be much more flexibility regarding the information availability and it’s access in real life use. The only thing for which , now almost everybody is getting scared of is the SOPA and PIPA act, if these bills of U.S. Gov. get passed, the free availability of the information would get into risk. Though the applications will outdo the websites and their roles for the business organizations, the use of applications would get developed in more easy and handy way! nice post thanks Annabelle! Would love to hear from you regarding SOPA and PIPA

  2. We will have to wait and see if this will happen for the rest of this year. You can never tell what will happen at times. However some things like spamming will obviously continue for quite sometime. :(

  3. Yep, I would agree with most of these predictions…

  4. Robe says:

    I think 2012 will be the year when the mobile websites will gain popularity. At least all my clients are requesting interactive mobile websites.
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  5. Liane Markus says:

    The marketing predictions that they have made for this year will be attained if they will really work hard for it. I am sure they will succeed with this because they have a positive motivation and interest to achieve their goals and plans this year.
    Liane Markus recently posted..Fab DefenseMy Profile

  6. This 2012, I’m planning to set up my mobile web template. We all know that mobile applications are going viral today and I can’t miss a big shot to market my site all over. It think you have a precise prediction.

  7. The only thing for which , now almost everybody is getting scared of is the SOPA and PIPA act, if these bills of U.S. Gov. get passed, the free availability of the information would get into risk.

  8. Belize Tours says:

    Mobile web is the way to go. You will see a lots of profit.

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