How To Connect With Customers In 2012

Businesses looking to boost their revenue in 2012 must endeavor to connect with their customers. Those who dismiss the practice as a notion from a distant era face a steady decline in sales – the post-recession economy demands a careful nurturing of the very element driving your sales.

Fortunately this has happened at a time when understanding what your customer’s interests are has never been easier. Technological advancements allow businesses to understand, in a personal and innovative way, just what the people buying their products think. 2012 must be a year when you capitalize on the possibilities.


Whilst blogging was once the home of technological wizards in their element there is now a place for everyone. Regardless of what type of business or industry you’re in blogging can help you connect with your customers, make more contacts, and boost your revenue. Keep in mind; however, that simply blogging is not enough. This is not a case of ‘put it up there and they will come.’

To make the most of your blog it is important to write about matters relevant to your business and customers. Fundamentally, blogging must attract customers, entertain them, deliver your product message, and leave them desiring more. Making sure your blog content is of a high quality is consequently an important matter, so make sure it is written by someone who knows what they are doing!


Communicate with Customers through Video

Video has rapidly become one of the best ways to communicate any type of message. Click on any news site on the web and not only will you find traditional news articles, but also news videos. This is because many people prefer to absorb knowledge by watching and listening rather than reading. By incorporating video into your website you will be able to demonstrate you are keen to accommodate to all types of customers.

When you want to establish a personal connection to encourage them to make an initial call to your business, video is the best way to meet your goals. Remember, your video does not need to be lengthy. Internet users are notorious for short attention spans; they will only stay for a brief time period.

Being concise in your videos is as important as with your writing! Still not convinced you need to use video on your website? Consider this statistic: According to a report by SearchEngineWatch in February of 2010, the use of video is able to increase response rates by as much as seven times over traditional landing pages using only images and texts.

Get to Tweeting!

Tweets and Facebook posts are not just for celebrities. Social networking is also an excellent way to reach out to your customers in a fresh new way. The main key to keep in mind with social networking is to keep it simple. The best way to make social media work for your business is to use it to improve the lives of your customers and not to push products and services.

It is also crucial that you ensure each tweet and post is relevant and consistent. Many businesses make the mistake of starting out strong with social media, but then quickly become distracted by other issues and fail to follow through with a strong plan of action for their social networking.

Focus on Client Service

Ask yourself not what your clients can do for you, but what can you do for your clients. After all, they are the reason you are in business. Without your clients you would not be able to turn a profit. It can be difficult to focus on customer service when you find yourself striving to meet tight deadlines and you have a million projects you are trying to juggle at once; however, if you lose sight of the reason you are in business, you may just find yourself out of business.

Keep your Website Updated

While you might understand the importance of keeping your website updated with fresh content, it is also important to make certain your website keeps up with innovative technology. If it has been awhile since your website went live, it might be time to consider overhauling it with a new design. By simply contacting a web design professional you might be surprised at how easy it is to improve your site’s effectiveness. Subsequent changes While also providing your visitors and clients with a better online experience.

About the Author

Alex Morris works for Office Kitten in Manchester where he writes, researches and blogs about business issues.

Photographs by D’Arcy Norman.

  • Liane Markus

    Thanks a lot for the very helpful and useful tips that you have provided here. As a matter of fact, getting the attention and interest of the customers can be easy if there is a good and reliable content. I am sure there will be lots of interested customers in no time.

    • Alex Morris

      Hi Liane, thanks for the comment! As a consumer I get annoyed with how some companies treat me (and everyone else), I think a lot more effort should be put in to understanding who is buying your products. Not that I agree with the mantra “the customers is always right”, but I do think they have a right to voice their opinions.

  • Farrell

    These are common methods that one must always take into consideration when trying to build a community of followers for your online business. These are prerequisites for successful business online. Thanks for highlighting these ideas. It should help others know their priorities.

  • Robe

    Communicating through video is a nice way to send a message or keep in touch with a customer. But i don’t really think twitter will help you, at least not when you are targeting romanian clients.

  • Angela Giles

    Hi. This is an excellent post. I find it amazing how many companies and individuals fail to update their website. Thanks for sharing. Check out my blog some time.


    Angela Giles

    • Alex Morris

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the comments, always nice to hear when your writing has hit the spot! I like your blog, incidentally. Particularly the piece on well written press releases. It is very annoying getting a press release that is terribly badly written or crammed with grammatical errors. It is also frustrating when companies don’t update their website. You’re left wondering, if you purchase something, if it will turn up.