How to Convert Documents to PDF Flash FlipBook

How to Convert Documents to PDF Flash FlipBook - Today I want to share with you a cool online tool called Instant FlipBook; you might have already come across it before, Instant FlipBook is a PDF convertor and creator that enables you to turn any document or PDF file into a cool professional flip book, which can then be viewed on any computer, wireless devices such as iPads, iPhones and other smartphones as well as touch screen PC’s.

Your FlipBook can also be printed, emailed, downloaded from your blog or website and much more…

Instant FlipBook converts PDF’s using flash and I know you’re probably thinking that a lot of Apple products, iPads and iPhones and most other smartphones don’t support Flash… well that’s ok because FlipBook recognises this and automatically opens up a HTML viewer of your generated FlipBook…

convert documents to PDF

So why would you want to convert documents to PDF or into a fancy flash FlipBook?

I’ve been using this piece of online toolkit for a couple of weeks now and it’s awesome, I used it to create a flipbook version of my very own eBook, the 101 Blog Traffic Tips which you can download by the way freely from the right sidebar of my blog or visiting my promo page here, and yeah, it’s a great online tool to use.

For me it means that I can reach out to a wider audience, people that enjoy reading PDF files not just on their laptop or desktop computers, but on the go, on their wireless devices as I mentioned earlier.

FlipBook of course has much more to offer than just those benefits, you can use it to create a professional looking document for pretty much any use, menus, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, presentations you name it; it can be converted into a professional looking flash FlipBook within just a few minutes.

If you’re a blogger or internet marketer and have your own information based product like myself, like an eBook, it’s the perfect tool for giving your publication that extra bit of polish, that finishing touch if you like.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the cool features in Instant FlipBook

In The Box – FlipBook works straight out of the box, it’s very easy to convert documentsto PDF flash FlipBook, in fact all you do is register a free account, upload your PDF’s or any other document you want and hit the convert button… it’s that simple. You can of course make further changes once you’ve uploaded your document…

  • Copy & Paste Auto Resize

Easy External and Internal Linking Editor – this feature lets you link to any external webpage, email address, or in fact any page within your document. This feature proves exceptionally useful if you have lots of pages in your document and want to link to pages from a ‘table of contents’ page for quick navigation.

  • Colour changing feature
  • Keyword search tool for your readers

SEO friendly - There are competitors out there offering a similar service that have a so called SEO feature, however, since they are hosting the flip book for you, Google or any other search engine indexes THEIR website instead of yours. So what’s happening is that they’re benefiting from your content.

With your Instant FlipBook, once it becomes downloadable you can place it your own website or blog, and so any visitor that comes through Google, Bing or Yahoo will end up on your site or blog instead of the FlipBook website. So there are some cool SEO benefits there.

  • Refined details with zoom in and out
  • Offer users the option to download your FlipBook PDF

iPad, iPhone and other mobile phone support – This is a great feature as we mentioned earlier, since we all know that iPads and iPhones in particular doesn’t support Flash yet… FlipBook is instantly recognizes this and launches your PDF into a HTML viewer.

  • Optimized for Facebook fan page integration (very useful)
  • Executable on Windows and Mac’s after download
  • Turn off specific PDF editing features
  • Print pages
  • Thumbnail Index

So that’s a brief look at the features and uses of Instant FlipBook, as I said I think it’s cool tool to have In your online marketing and publisher tools library.

Is it free?

No it isn’t but! You can try it for free just by uploading your PDF and creating a limited version of your FlipBook.

The premium service is around $67 per FlipBook, but you do get a lot… one-time resell rights, host your files on your own blog or website, edit links, tools for customizing the look of your FlipBook, unlimited pages, iPad support, Facebook integration, iPhone support, execution on Macs and PCs and unlimited domains… so it’s not a bad price.

Check out my short video review below demonstrating how to convert documents to PDF using Instant FlipBook. If you want to give Instant FlipBook a try head over to the FlipBook website for a free trial.

Convert Documents to PDF Flash FlipBook

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    I think it is quite expensive, at $67 per FlipBook. There are software solutions that cost at most $100 and lets you create unlimited flip books.
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