Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps - You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software.

It has also recently become the best root for commercial websites. It is really simple to understand that how to handle the WordPress and also it is simple to customize it into your commercial or business requirements. Besides it is affordable and free, it also allows you to select your own hosting company.

Always a new internet businessperson tempts to utilize the vigor of free blogging sites. So many free blogging sites are there to pick from as some offers great ease and amenities to use. WordPress is the top blogging site as it permits to precede your blog rid of advertisement. It also offers the full regulation of the sketch, outline and choosing different styles of themes. Exact combination of plugins, enables you to systematize most of the significant tasks and effectively turn your blog uphold itself. if you are ready to spend the time and thought into supporting  or boosting a WordPress blog, then doubtlessly you will be able to share it with so many persons as achievable.

Auspiciously, there are a number of tools and ways obtainable to WordPress bloggers, those who are in need of reaching visitors of multiple social networking sites. The way is to make WordPress occupy one or more social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. This will in turn formulate a sequence of reactions that influence each time you pole to WordPress. Here are five best tools for integrating your WordPress blog with Facebook and Twitter.

wordpress twitter facebook apps

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps to Use

Facebook to Twitter App

Utilize this tool to join your Facebook and Twitter accounts, in turn when you forward to Facebook from your Word Press site, it certainly fills Twitter. Just locate the app on Facebook, offer “like”, and then add your Twitter account data in when encouraged. Anything you post on Facebook will inevitably urged on Twitter.

Got to the app here:

Simple Facebook Connect

When you align your Facebook to post to Twitter, you must repeat the same deed to confirm your WordPress posts contribute to Facebook. Simply locate the Facebook Connect and plugin through your WordPress dashboard and complete the installing process. Now you can share the WordPress post by pressing the “publish to Facebook” button.

Get the Facebook Connect plugin:

Twitter FB Application

It is desirable if you opt to post to Twitter and then to have Facebook share.  Simply locate it and insert your twitter account data after you offer a “Like” to the application.

Go to the app here:

Twitter Tools

Find this tool and install it then your WordPress posts will be posted automatically to your Twitter page.

Get the plugin here:


This tool seems to be really useful to administer all of your accounts including Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.  After you had complete downloading the program, you will be able to post to all social media accounts at simultaneously, and also can update your profile data. The techniques you use to connect your social media are totally customizable, so don’t worry to consider these tools to let your blogs reach at top.

Go to Syncape:

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  • Bluehost

    Twitterfeed is great too if you ever want to try that.

  • Janus@build online business

    I’m in the process of learning about integrating my site with Facebook and Twitter and this post just comes in the right time. Thanks for the resources I’ll look into them in detail.

  • Joy Cebu

    I would really love to try this tools. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rob | create a blog

    Very interesting and helpful… I may look into the “tweeting” aspect. As for Facebook… we’re definitely on similar pages. I added a FB “like” button to my posts and pages. A friend tested it for me and sent me a screen shot of what happened.

    Without going through all the details, it appears that using the like button gives FB permission to change some of your privacy settings.

    I’v left the button up for the time being, but find self re-thinking the relationship between my site and facebook.

  • Joel

    Hey some nice tips here. They come really hand for me because I just started a blog like 2 weeks ago and I need this kind of advices. Thanks ;)