Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic and Income Report December 2011

Income report - Well folks this is the last blog income and traffic report for 2011. The month of December has been somewhat of an odd month with us seeing both a major slump in traffic and a major slump in income as well.

You might be aware that we spent much of December removing many thin content posts with no traffic from the blog, as well as made improvements on many others with better SEO and much rewritten content. This is something which we’ll continue to do as throughout January to make the blog good for Google Panda.

We have seen a small recovery in traffic from the last two Panda updates and although progress is slow, it’s increasingm, but it’s also very early days. Samantha and I are looking at new strategies to not just improve the blog’s content but to also increase traffic. You can read more about our intensions with the blog traffic marketing strategies here.

Targets reached

500 email subscribers


Ok let’s look at the traffic statistics for the Magnet4Marketing blog for December 2011.

Below you will see a comparison of November’s traffic to December’s which many people will probably say ‘well that’s not much of a decrease’; in which case I’d be happy with that. But as I said throughout the next three months we’ll be increasing traffic and sharing our strategies with you.

Traffic Report DECNOV

income report

Income Report

Income throughout December is probably the most disappointing which proves that making money from blogging isn’t as easy as some might think. But if I had to be really honest I’m not that really bothered as the blog income is just an addition to my overall income generated from my online businesses. Here’s what we’ve made just from this blog –

Google AdSense – $90.27

Infolinks – $3.14

HostGator Affiliate $50.00

Shareasale $27.98

Total Income $171.39

A little different from November’s income of $839.51 and Octobers huge $1,130.16 but… I’m far from disheartened from the low income report for December because I know I can work to increase it, that’s what doing business online is all about right?

Ok, until next month’s traffic and income report, have a great January and happy blogging.

Just a quick note to everyone who visits the blog frequently… we’ve just launched a completely new revised version of 101 Blog Traffic Tips the eBook, which we give away freely upon subscription to our email updates here at M4M. The new revised 40-page 2012 edition is almost a complete rewrite with 40 new tips and cool suggestions for promoting your blog and increasing traffic, plus much more. Current email subscribers will automatically receive a free updated copy. If you haven’t already downloaded you can subscribe here to get it free.

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  1. Raj says:

    I have always admired your honesty. You just put up the actual figures unlike others who don’t talk anything less than four or five figure revenues every month! BTW, Fabrizio, I am taking a break from my online activities. So, I may not be around for some time (I will try to come occasionally when time permits). So, wishing you all the success in your ventures for 2012 and beyond. Cheers!
    Raj recently posted..3 Things to Remember About Social Media and Time ManagementMy Profile

    • Hi Raj, first of all thanks for the thumbs up. I know every one gets inspired by those kinds of 5 figure income reports, but I like to be as transparent as possible with mine and even if it was just $10 I made, I would still share it and outline the steps in which I took to earn the $10. I hope to one day be able to share 4 to 5 figure income reports each month, then people will be able to see that I started from just small streams of income and didn’t suddenly start to earn the kind of money they expect online, so thanks I appreciate your admiration. It will be sad to see you go as you’re one of our most loyal readers and whilst I respect you need a break, may I wish you all the best also, and hope to see your comments occasionally here again soon. All the best Raj, and God bless.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    I know it’s been slow throughout December but I’m positive income will increase each month over the next few months.


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