10 Common Website Design Mistakes that Destroy Your Affiliate Conversion

Website Design Mistakes - Do you know that your website design will affect your affiliate conversion? Not only affiliate conversion, but it will affect every other form of advertisements in your website (such as AdSense, text links, and so on). If you have an undesirable website design, you’ll also have undesirable affiliate earnings. If you have good website design, you’ll have great affiliate earnings, simple.

This article talks about the common mistakes you may have in your website’s design. Here are 10 common website design mistakes that destroy your affiliate conversion

web design mistakes

10 Website Design Mistakes

1. Poor Header Design

The header of your website makes the first impression and is one of the most common website design mistakes many people make when thinking about using a generic header for their site. Your first time readers will remember your website through your header. That is why it is important to choose a good and appealing header for your site. This includes having a unique logo that will become recognizable as you begin to build your brand.

2. Poor Font Choice

Your readers want to be able to read the content of your site. One of the biggest off-putting aspects of any blog is the size and style of the font. Arial, Verdana, and Georgia are standard fonts that are easy to read.

3. Too Many Sentences in One Paragraph

If you are reading content on webpage that is long and continuous, what do you normally tend to do? You’re most likely to close that page, right? Yes, reading content on the web is not easy for everyone, and it can be even more frustrating for your readers if they are forced to read too many long paragraphs on your website.

4. Using Fancy Background Colors

You might think that fancy background colors will be good for your website’s design, but what about your readers. Not good…. I’m sure your readers would much prefer to read content from a clean webpage, fancy backgrounds make your website slower to load and can easily put off visitors landing on your page for the first time. You should try and use a neutral background for your website.

5. Poor Overall Site Design

what’s your overall site design like? Do you enjoy navigating around your own site? What do others think about the design of your site? The overall design quality of your website is important for both your visitors and for optimizing your conversion.

6. Poor Navigation

Easy navigation is what your readers look for when exploring your site. Generally poor navigation is definitely is something you should work on improving if you need to. Think about the time it takes for your readers to click on a link to access the content they need, ensure that your navigational links are well highlighted and easy to find and of course working.

7. Broken and Hidden Links

Have you made your links clear for your readers to see? There are many webmasters out there making the mistake of making their links the same color as the main content of their sites. This is definitely a no, no. As we mentioned, ensure that your links are clear, unbroken and not hidden from sight.

8. Competitive Advertisements

The simple mistake placing ads before content can be avoided by reversing the effect. Readers come to your website for information, not lots of advertisements.

9. Uncompressed Images

Images that have big file sizes take long to load. In this case, you should always remember to compress the size of your images before you upload them and publish them in your website. Remember, your readers won’t wait, they will click off and go elsewhere.

10. Too Many Other Distractions

If your website contains too many graphics, texts, animations, and more unnecessary advertisements, your readers may get put off and leave your site faster than they came in… So, keep your website clean and well organized.

These are 10 common website design mistakes that you should avoid when building your site from content to design and layout. If you really want to make those affiliate sales and generally increase your conversion, be sure to take heed of some of the points above.

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    I guess too many obstructions is one factor that affects the earning through all of them. I also feel that its important to have uncluttered sidebar, in order to allow the user to locate the most important parts of your site…

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    Your deign should speak out for itself since it is the first thing that a person faces when they come to your blog. Knowing what you want out of your blog is important in determining your design. You should also think of the type of blog you have if it is business like then there are some colors that will not do.

    • http://www.seoallrounder.com/ saad naeem

      yes blog design is the first thing people see , and the first impression is the last impression :)

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    Poor content in general can be a big factor too!

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      yes , content is king

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    Too much Designing is only good for YouTube channels. For website high exposure should be on texts.

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      right to the point mate, 25% is the web design and other 75% is the content.

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