How I’m going to Create a Traffic Building Marketing Strategy for the next 3 Months

Traffic building marketing strategy and plan for the next 3 months

Over the next three months I’m going to share with you a simple three piece strategy that’s going to take my current blog traffic and increase it by 50% in 12 weeks, which I think is pretty realistic… I hope…

So currently this blog receives around 12,000 visits each month and I want to increase it to around 18,000 visits by end of March 2012, that’s an increase of 2,000 new visits each month.

Cool… but what if I don’t achieve this target?

If I don’t get to my goal by the end of March 2012, then I don’t. It will simply mean that my strategy hasn’t worked…

But as I’ve mentioned before here that everything we do, whether it’s using a marketing strategy to increase traffic, or using ways to make money online, or finding ways to increase readership etc… we’re completely transparent… well most of the time anyway. I want to be able to share what works and what hasn’t for me with you, our readers, so that you can use my findings to build a better strategy for marketing your own website or blog.

traffic building marketing strategy

Traffic Building Marketing Strategy… The Plan…

Ok so what am I going to do to increase traffic from 12k visits to 14k visits by the end of January? let’s take a look…

Traffic Building Marketing Strategy #1: first analyse top traffic sources

I’m currently using Google Analytics to analyse the top traffic sources for my blog of the last three months. This includes referral traffic sources, search engine and direct traffic. I will make a list of the top 10 or so sources in which I’ve had the most traffic from and concentrate on using them more effectively throughout the month of January. This could be blog’s I’ve guest written on, commented on, forums I’ve taken part in, social sites that I’ve had the most engagement on etc…

Traffic Building Marketing Strategy #2: Research content

In the past I’ve written and published posts that I’ve been interested in writing and generally getting ideas from other sources, and also seeing what others are blogging about in my niche. In January however I plan to research a lot deeper into the types of content that I feel you, my readers would love to see more of. I will also only be writing and publishing half the posts I normally push out on the blog. This means publishing only 4 or 5 good posts per week. The rest of my content will be made up of theme, plugin, online product and service reviews.

Traffic Building Marketing Strategy #3 Generic marketing

I will continue to market and promote the blog generically and will share the marketing strategies I’ve used in a review post at the end of January. Marketing and promoting will however include paying much closer attention to SEO, as the Panda effects of 2011 continue to cause undesired results.

So that’s my plan of action to create a traffic building marketing strategy for Magnet4Marketing for the next 12 weeks, let me know you reactions as always below in the comment section and whether you feel my target is realistic or not.

Welcome to 2012 and I wish everyone a prosperous new year in achieving their goals, ambitions and stepping closer to their dreams.

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  1. Liane Markus says:

    I know this is a tough and difficult job for those people who is into marketing but with lots of strategies and techniques which can be used then you will no longer need for 3 months just to accomplish a marketing strategy. I hope this post will serve as a reminder to people who are into marketing.
    Liane Markus recently posted..חכמת הקבלהMy Profile

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Good luck Fabzy, look forward to seeing the results soon.

  3. Fred Martin says:

    very good piece of knowledge I have got from your blog. thanks a lot for sharing this strategy. one thing I want to say these days success kiss you if you have good piece of content and product. Thanks
    Fred Martin recently posted..Rapidsoft Technologies announces its partnership with an Italy based Web Management CompanyMy Profile

  4. Hi Fabrizio,
    I like your challenge that you have given to yourself and indirectly you are encouraging your reader to take the similar challenge as wel..
    My blog is just 5 month old but I love to accept these kind of challenge.

    I’ll put my best effort to increase my visitor count at least 50% by the end of March 2012.
    I’ll keep you update about it.
    sandeep Kumar recently posted..Do follow blogs | List of 81 do follow blogs to get backlinks | High PR blog listMy Profile

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