Blog Monetization: The Number One Secret to Making Money Blogging

Find out the number one secret to blog monetization and increasing your income in blogging

Making money from blogging is one of the biggest challenges all bloggers face when starting out. Surprisingly to many novices it still remains a complete myth. As you know there are many ways to monetize a blog, i.e. using third party contextual ads (Google AdSense, Infolinks, AdBrite), selling private advertising space, doing paid reviews, providing online services, making recommendations and of course doing affiliate marketing.

Many mildly experienced bloggers start off reasonably well with creating good content, attracting traffic and using Google AdSense for example to start off their blog monetization campaign. They even succeed in making five or ten dollars each month… However many progressing bloggers also find it difficult to actually grow their income on a monthly basis and break away from the ten dollar a month income.

They look at their Google AdSense earnings and wonder why they’re not making more than just ten bucks each month. They signup to a few reputable affiliate programs and place affiliate links and banners all over their blogs, a few weeks go by and still no increase in income…

blog monetization

blog monetization

In desperation, they quickly assume that they need to be banging out more content and as a result the quality drops… and slapping on more ads and adding more affiliate links to their blog adds to their heart ache, and they continue this cycle with little to no growth in their income… before finally giving up.

So what’s the problem that many newbie bloggers face? What’s the secret assuming there was a great secret to blog monetization? The number one secret to making money on the internet with blogging is…

Traffic is one of them… but…

Blog Monetization: Blogs Don’t Make Money

I’m sure you’ve heard many people say before that blogs don’t make money; it’s the person running the blog or blogs that’s the one that makes the money. If you’re still confused let me explain, your blog is merely a tool in which you use to make money online, without your considerable input your blog wouldn’t be making you much money at all. The sooner you realise this the sooner you’ll be able to effectively make more money from your blog.

So input is important to make money from blogging. The more you put in the more you’re going to get out.

Blogging might have once been a past-time hobby, these days it’s much more than that, these days blogging is a huge profitable business venture for many people, so from now on look at your blog as a profitable online business and learn how to effectively use this tool (your blog) in your business to make more money online.

So realising that your blog is merely a tool in which to use to make money online, you can swiftly begin to effectively pay closer attention to detaail… Copywriting, SEO, Google AdSense ad customization and placements, selecting the right affiliate products to review for your target audience, ensuring your blog performance is optimised to help increase your conversion rate, building targeted traffic, providing related services and the list goes on…

So if there ever was a great secret to blog monetization, you now know it… It’s input… your blog won’t make you a single dime unless it has your input… Let me know your reactions in the comment section below.

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  • Raj

    Blogs can generate leads, but one needs a product or service to market. I think that Bloggers need to move towards creating their own product or sign-up with an affiliate service for a product/ service that they cannot create (but find it useful) and promote them using their blogs. Advertising can only pay for hosting and some more.

  • Liane Markus

    I am aware that many people were able to earn big money because of blogging but I never knew that there is just a single secret which will help us be interested with blogging and make money at the same time without having any difficulties at all. I find this article very helpful and useful to every individual who is into blogging.

  • Katie Woodard

    I’m one of those people you are talking about who are in the $10/month category. I’ve been working hard and consistently on my blog for almost a year now, and still haven’t gotten anywhere. I put a lot into it so I’m still keeping faith that it will flourish soon.

  • Jeet Dholakia

    Very nice article i must say but to be frank the same question is with me also. i am trying so hard these days to provide good quality content and all but neither my traffic is increasing ad nor my earning. i earn less than $5 a month from my all source, so still finding out how to earn money?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hello Jeet, thanks for stopping by. Creating great content on a regular basis is challenging I must agree with you, but keep the persistence my friend. Traffic will increase, what are you doing to promote your blog? I’ve noticed you’ve subscribed for our 101 Blog Traffic Tips eBook it will help greatly; there are lots of tips and references for you to promote your blog online. Keep building quality backlinks and guest post more.

      As far as income is concerned if you’re using Google AdSense on your blog ensure you move the top paying ad blocks to the top of your posts above the fold (right float works great), also if you have an ad block in the sidebar move this to the top also. I’d also recommend using a few other affiliate programs if you’re not already doing so. Best of luck.

  • andy@Atlanta appliance repair reviews

    Your article opens up more questions than it answers–fairly cries for a follow-up article. Isn’t the writing itself input? What is different about the type of input one needs to go about making money? Do ou have examples handy?

  • Dennis

    I agree this article rather open questions then answer them. So what is the point? Why do many blogs dont make money? And how can those blog writers change that?

    • Samantha Wright

      Hi Dennis, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Ok guys here is the point of INPUT I’m trying to make…

      Classic example, many newbie bloggers believe that the only input they need for their blog’s to make them money is creating some content and adding some form of contextual ad into their content or indeed anywhere on their blog.

      Eventually they begin get frustrated with the minuscule earnings, so they begin to wonder whether they have enough ads… the INPUT of writing content becomes less important, and suddenly more ads appear… I’ve seen it a million times…

      The INPUT that they should be putting emphasis on for their blog’s to make money is

      Writing lots of great content
      Doing SEO
      Building traffic
      Signing up to affiliate programs
      Writing reviews of products
      Creating some kind of information product
      Experimenting with different ad placements
      Building backlinks

      …the list goes on…

      That’s the kind of INPUT I’m talking about :)

  • Brian@bulletin articles and devotionals

    I really understand that $10.00 mark and that’s with all my blogs/websites combined.

    I also understand of trying to capitalize on the blog by selling other services. At this time, I only offer my services as a public speaker. Will occasionally dabble in consulting too, but any income earned will be because of the blog.

  • Jose

    I like your post, very realistic. I guess most of us when trough similar experience. I have a blog for a almost a year. I start a blog after joint a marketing program. The program felt to delivery there promises, and I left. Frustrated and hungry I start a blog looking for information to post on my blog to help others to achieve the same of that marketing program promise but free or a very low cost. After a year an a lot of hours collecting information I start thinking I should get paid for, or start making some money. LOL I read some other articles in your blog and I found very very educative and instructive, ( and don’t feel alone) Thanks I will be back for more