Web Browsers for 2012: 6 Top Web Browsers worth checking out

Web Browsers for 2012 – Today’s dotcom world is a completely different one from of that of yesteryears… With the internet evolving faster than we can keep up, consumers look for a web browser that can give them access to all of what today’s internet can offer.

As the internet becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives, we look for a browser that can offer us faster browsing capabilities, more sophisticated tools, apps and extensions to play with, and of course we want a web browser that effortlessly incorporates our everyday social networking activities without having to distract ourselves from our other online activities.

So what web browser should you be using in 2012? The answer isn’t as simple as isolating one single browser as we all want our web browser to work for us in different ways. Needless to say below you’ll find 6 top internet browsers definitely worth checking out in 2012.

web browsers for 2012

Top Web Browsers for 2012

Web Browsers for 2012 #1 – Firefox

Firefox by Mozilla is by far one of the most advanced and most widely used web browsers currently available. It is available in 70 languages and offers an array of tools and features both for the casual user to the more advanced webmaster. From a blogger’s perspective I’d recommend using or at least having the latest version of Firefox for SEO purposes.

The latest version Firefox 9 boasts faster JavaScript performance, better bookmark organiser with Panorama, syncing for tabs, history and passwords, cross-platform and graphics hardware acceleration and more…

Find out more about Mozilla Firefox and download here.

Web Browsers for 2012 #2 Google Chrome

Google Chrome combines clean clutter free design elements with state-of-the-art technology making it one of the fastest web browsers available. Users can enhance their browsing experience further by adding several of the many Chrome extensions available from the Google Chrome web store.

Find out more about Google Chrome and download here.

Web Browsers for 2012 #3 Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has come a long way over the years and is sill a well loved web browsing platform for many users. The latest version of Explorer has a streamlined design making it much faster than ever before. Features also include a cleaner browser window, pin sites to taskbar to help you access the sites you visit regularly much easier, search feature in the address bar, a more powerful download manager, advanced notification bar, advanced security features and more…

Find out more about Internet Explorer and what they have to offer here.

Web Browsers for 2012 #4 Safari

Safari by Apple is also a very powerful web browser. Similar to chrome it combines minimal design with the latest technology to give its users unprecedented performance. More over Safari offers more than just a web browser, for the more experienced user Safari offer developers the advanced web tools to make the browsing experience an even greater one.

Features include tab, swipe, scroll and browse, HTML 5 and CSS3 support, safer browsing, extensions, bookmarks, built in RSS and much more…

Find out more about Safari and download the latest version here.

Web Browsers for 2012 #5 Opera

Opera now offers much more than just a web browser application for mobile devices. The latest version of Opera desktop for Windows include features such as lightening fast browsing, advanced fraud and malware for safer and more secure browsing, smart extensions with browser customization, better control over tabs and more…

Check out Opera and download here.

Web Browsers for 2012 #6 RockMelt

Finally we get to RockMelt… RockMelt was one of our top favourite web browsers for 2011 and if you have not yet tried it then make it happen in 2012.

RockMelt combines social networking on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few, with your every day web browsing activities. This means you never, ever have to leave the page you’re browsing on just to check out what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter for example.

You can share, update your status, chat, read emails and browse the web you want all at the same time from a single window.

Find out more about RockMelt and download here.

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  1. Alan says:

    Firefox is my absolut winner. I am using it more than 5 years and I couldn’t imagine my daily stuff without it. I just love it. Heard good things about chrome but never took a chance to try it, maybe one day.

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