2 Simple Ways to Improve your Marketing in 2012

2012 is approaching us fast, and as we all unwind over the Christmas period, we also begin to evaluate and reflect on our marketing efforts of 2011. Did you make good progress? Are you pleased with the results from your marketing efforts? Are you in a better position than you were in 2010? What were the high points for your business during 2011? But could you have done more?

If 2011 was the year you launched your online business then that’s a great achievement in itself you should be proud, so roll on 2012. Here are 2 very simple ways to improve your marketing in 2012, or more over 2 questions you probably need to ask yourself before putting together your next marketing plan of action for 2012.

  1. Analyse your current audience… are you marketing to the right or to a targeted audience? You might have 6k followers on Twitter and 3k fans on Facebook or a regular monthly traffic flow of let’s say 10k visits, but ask yourself how much of an impact has your marketing exploits made to that audience? So before you do anything in 2012 as far as marketing goes, take a look at your current audience and decide whether those 6k followers on Twitter are actually worth your time and effort… Your number one priority as a business is to create more leads and generate more sales right? Perhaps you could utilize Twitter more efficiently… A lot of online businesses are using social media sites to provide customer support which I think is a great way to get your audience engaging more, so taking the time out to analyse your current audience is one suggestion.
  1. How much are you actually doing that’s actually working for your business? Let’s say throughout 2011 you implimented 10 marketing strategies and you’ve been dividing your hard earned god-given time working on each of those strategies down to your bony fingers… but how many of those strategies are actually producing the results you want? How many of those strategies are effective enough to warrant the time you’ve spend on them? Are you wasting your resources on too many tactics and strategies that aren’t actually working?

It's your decision

Google Analytics is perhaps one of Google’s best creations since search, I think anyway… it can give you all the data, all the information you need to track and evaluate your marketing efforts and make progress in developing your business, and reaching out to new audiences that you only dreamt about in 2011. It can also help you create a more refined, more effective marketing plan that will give you the results you want for your business.

Before you make 2012 just another year of plodding along using useless in effective marketing strategies… ask yourself a few questions and whether you want to go through the next 12 months just levelling out without making progress, or making huge leaps in building your online business furthermore.

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Fabrizio Van Marciano is the founder and chief editor at magnet4marketing.net and the author of 101 Blog Traffic Tips. Connect with Fabrizio on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can find out more about Fabrizio here.


  1. Raj says:

    What you are saying is right – We need to analyze what worked for us and what did not, and focus on the ones that did. But for many bloggers, accepting that they were wrong with some strategy, is quite difficult!
    Raj recently posted..Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.My Profile

  2. buy online says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Audience gives us traffic but most importantly they give us sales.

  3. milla says:

    thank you fabrizio for this great tips..i learn so much from you..happy holidays <3
    milla recently posted..Giveaway free Edu dofollow blog list (update 27. december 2011)My Profile

  4. Romy Singh says:

    All the tips that you shared above are really nice and effective. the one that i think strikes most is Analyze your Audience. If we want effective blog audience that engage with our blog then you should defiantly analyzed our blog audience because having quality audience is lot more beneficial then having bigger quantity audience.
    Romy Singh recently posted..Content has its finger everywhere. Why?My Profile

  5. Hey Fabrizio,

    I do feel like I could have done more for my online business in 2011, and I think the reason for this is because I was wasting my time and money on marketing tactics that really didn’t work for me. There is nothing worse than spending your precious time and money on something and it doesn’t produce the results you want. The experience was great though and I now know what I need to do in 2012 to reach the goals I want to attain.
    John@Beginner Guitar Lessons recently posted..Fundamental Classical Guitar Lessons For BeginnersMy Profile

    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences in 2011. The great thing about making the wrong decisions or utilising tactics that are ineffective is that we can learn from them for the future. I’m positive that 2012 will be a much more productive and rewarding year for everyone in internet business.

  6. great post, good tips especially , Analyze your Audience .i think the secret is to build a good relationship with your readers
    tagua jewelry recently posted..Dec 12, Ecuador Real Estate ToursMy Profile

  7. Weekend Jobs says:

    Very simple points that you make in this post. It really is about remembering your audience and feeding them what they want. Additionally looking at results and finding what works and what doesn’t. Good times

  8. 2012 is going to be a great year, I can tell. I hope that the marketing side will continue to expand and give a lot of opportunities to those who wants to try online marketing as well.

  9. Reese says:

    Dead on. We must re-evaluate our tried and tested schemes and strategies because time they are a’changing and what may have worked wonderfully before may not be viable anymore. We should not be hesitant to make changes just because we are so comfortable with how we are use to doing things.
    Reese recently posted..Citi Diamond Preferred Card Review: 0% APR OfferMy Profile

  10. Hi we need to concentrate in 2012, focusing business faster speed, sharpness, conversion quality and everything 2011 is not operative to operative time, how far ahead we can see and succeeding and achieved any work so that’s why we need hard work in 2012 will pass faster than our thinking as well as operative Will pass quickly. Thanks
    William Anderson recently posted..motivation blogMy Profile

  11. Jeremy Smith says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I believe that in the life of every blogger there comes the time where you have to stop and think which strategy is working more and which ones should be discarded. Besides , there is no one correct strategy. What worked well for someone in 2011 may not necessarily work well in 2012. There is always this period of adjustment and evaluation.
    Jeremy Smith recently posted..VW Shortnose T4 Transporter Camper VanMy Profile

  12. James says:

    It is so easy to get into the rhythm of doing things and not really checking to see if they work or not. Just because they worked last month, google likes to change things up and then it starts all over again. Right now I am doing a major overhaul of my business and instinctively was thinking along the same lines here. I will say google analytics is a great thing and if you arent using it, you are wrong.
    James recently posted..Safe Weight LossMy Profile

  13. That two tips are quite useful! Simple tips but it has a great points to think of and apply in improving the marketing. If we want successful weblog audience that engage with our weblog then you definitely should defiantly analyzed our blog audience simply because having quality audience is many more advantageous then having larger quantity audience.
    Shameka@Flly Screens for Bifold Doors recently posted..Timber Doors | Timber Windows | Bifold Doors | Allkind Joinery & Glass Cabinet Maker BrisbaneMy Profile

  14. Dell says:

    Hey Fab! This is a great realization of what you have to do to improve our site and increase your traffic. We have to think of more effective strategy in order to attract more prospective clients.
    Happy New Year to you!
    Dell recently posted..Happy New Year To All Of You And Hope You Like The Aquarium Fish Photos Here …My Profile

  15. Alex Johnson says:

    This post is good.Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jenni says:

    Nice suggestion, Fabrizio. These tips were mentioned by many famous blogger and they’re still working.

    Thank you
    Jenni recently posted..Blog Mistakes – Look Out!My Profile

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