Google Panda Update December 2011

Google Panda Update December 2011 – Have you been affected?

Word is getting around the web that Google may have rolled out a recent ‘minor’ Panda Update… although Matt Cutts may have stated that there wouldn’t be a ‘major’ update lined up for the rest of 2011, it doesn’t rule out a possible ‘minor’ update. If there has been a latest update then this follows Google’s last minor Panda update which took place in late November…

Traffic has been slowly decreasing for us since the last update in November and if this latest Google Panda update is legitimate, traffic to our blog has certainly taken another hit, around 30% decrease. But we are also aware that the holiday season is having an impact on our blog’s traffic also…

Blog Traffic Affected by Latest Google Panda Update

As we all know these updates are crucial and are intended to give blog’s and websites with frequent quality content better priority for fairer rankings. So what can you do to fight the Panda effect? How can you make improvements to your site if you’ve been affected by the Google Panda update? Check out the following useful post below –

How to Overcome Google Panda Update


Last month we worked hard on improving the content of our blog. We started by removing the poor performing posts from the blog completely, which included some number of off-topic posts and posts with generally thin content. We also improved the SEO dramatically on some of our more popular posts, which saw our traffic slowly recover from November’s update in early December.

We’ll now be paying even closer attention to detail in ensuring that we recover from Google Panda in the coming months of 2012 no doubt as many other bloggers and webmaster will be doing also.

What about you? Has your traffic been affected by the latest possible Google Panda update? What have you done to make your content more Google Panda friendly?

Please do take the time to share your experiences and any tips, advice and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. Same for me here dude, I have been having a gradual decrease as well as a recovery and then again decrease this month, I do not know if this is due to the season or due to the Panda update but surely I will be working to get back my blog to a increasing traffic situation as soon as possible.

    • Yes I know what you mean traffic has had a bit of a yoyo effect lately. I’d imagine that it’s a combination of both, the holiday season and Panda. I’m positive we’ll see a reasonable recovery in the New Year and we can begin working on increasing traffic. I know that these Panda updates are necessary but I’m also hoping that there won’t be any further updates anytime soon, hoping lol.

  2. Liane Markus says:

    This Google Panda update will help a lot of people who are using Google as their main source of information when it comes to their work and activities online. Google Panda really has something great to offer and I am sure many will benefit from this.

  3. Raj says:

    I guess the decrease in traffic might be either because of holidays or some other temporary factor. Just wait for some more time, and things should be normal.

    • Fabrizio says:

      You’re right Raj, I’ve started to see the traffic slowly recovering in the last 48 hours so that’s good news.

  4. It is typical of Google to have some jumps in ranking after the updates. So wait a little bit to see if you really have a decrease. But in general Panda update is good – it helps you to see the results of your work.

  5. Romy singh says:

    There is very higher chance that we all are seeing this painy decrease in our blog traffic because of this holiday season.

  6. neo says:

    My site had a small traffics drops this holiday season but it back to normal now – traffics from search engine back on track

  7. Dean Saliba says:

    Touch wood so far I have seen my traffic steadily rising (this month I should pass 7,000), as Romy said maybe it is effecting you because of the holiday season.

    The Panda updates are different Google PR updates, right?

  8. Why would you delete poor performing posts? To me, it seems like it would be better to receive a few hits for it than none at all. Or am I just missing something?

    • Hi Katie, thanks for visiting the blog today. First of all you don’t have to delete posts that are underperforming, I just chose to because they weren’t just underperforming but they were also thin content posts. When I mean underperforming these posts were receiving just one hit in a single month, some of the posts I removed had no hits what so ever. I decided to remove them completely and as a result have been able to increase traffic and reduce bounce rate further in early December.

  9. Its amazing how these algorithms effect on some blogs. My blog is new one and my blog traffic in increasing day by day despite these algos.

  10. Zeeshan says:

    It looks like that Google search engines likes new blogs and that’s why the old blog like yours have seen this problem.

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