Weekend Bloggers: How To Get More Work Done In A Single Weekend

Not all bloggers are privileged to have the time to spend each and every waking hour of every day working on their blog’s. Many of them are hard working 9 to 5er’s with not enough time available to devote to developing their blog’s apart from a few hours of an evening and over the long weekends.

When the weekend’s does get around, it’s time to forget about the social life down the pub or sitting down to watch the cricket or football on TV, instead it’s time to focus and work on your blog. Here are a few tips to help you organize, manage your time better and discipline yourself as a weekend blogger.

1. Make a list of all the things you want to get done over the weekend

The first thing to do is to get organized, so start by making a list of all the things you want to have completed by Sunday night at the latest, you can start planning your weekend blog attack on the Friday night if you have nothing better else to do. Your list might look at little something like this –

  1. Write and schedule 4 posts for your blog
  2. Write 1 guest post
  3. Comment on 10 blogs
  4. Schedule 50 tweets over the nest 7 days in HootSuite
  5. Post updates on Facebook
  6. Follow people on Twitter
  7. Create and schedule an email newsletter

And so forth…

2. Make good use of Google Calendar…

Google Calendar is a great online tool for organizing time, tasks and scheduling your work load, so make good use of it.

3. Stock up…

Stock up for the weekends you plan to devote all your God given time to blogging; that means stock up on food, drinks and just ensure you don’t need to waste valuable time trekking out and about to get things from the store.

4. Tell everyone that you do not want to be disturbed

Boy this is really starting to sound like as if I’m asking you to live the life of a hermit crab huh… If you want to get lots done on your blog over the weekends because you simply don’t have the time to devote to it during the working week then you’ll just have to be ruthless with yourself.

Let your friends and families know that you don’t want to be disturbed over the weekends because you have a lot of work on, just make something up like you’ve got tons of paper work from the office to catch up on. Draw the blinds if you have to.

5. Turn off everything

Turn off the television, radio and any other possible distractions around the house or at least around the area you’re working in.

6. Stay focused

Stay focused on completing everything you want to get done over the weekend. Sometimes we can easily be led astray and be distracted by something interesting on YouTube or something funny your friend’s have sent you in an email. These are distractions that will eat up your valuable blogging time, so remain focused and discipline yourself.

Above all else have fun and enjoy building your blogging business with the time you have over your weekends, remembering that you’re working hard now so that you can spend more time playing later.

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  1. Thank for the tips Fabrizio. You really have very interesting posts. It’s really very helpful. I sometime have this problem. I get too unorganized sometimes but with your help, I realized all the things that should be done first. Thank you.

    • Hi Tony thanks for dropping by, I’m glad you found the tips helpful. I know exactly what you mean, I think we’ve all been guilty of being unorganized at some point. Things always appear more organised on paper than they do cluttered in the mind was what I’ve always been taught, best of luck to you.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Yes sometimes the stress of working in fulltime work can leave us with little time to concentrate on developing our online businesses; these are some wonderful tips for becoming more productive on the weekends.

  3. Great tips Fabrizio – although I have to point out that “5. Turn off everything” is not as easy as just turning off the radio or television and getting down to business! Unfortunately, for most of us the distraction machine and the blogging machine happens to be the same device. 99% of your distraction will come from the computer you’re doing your blogging on.

    • Hi Alex funny you should mention as this very briefly crossed my mind, glad you brought that up. I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been guilty for playing around on iTunes instead of working :) thanks for dropping by.

  4. wow…these are great tips. I love your final word – Stay Focused. Without staying focused, your work will be incomplete. Bloggers need to fix appropriate time to publish article. It should not be done carelessly.
    Ahsan recently posted…Steve Jobs First Memorial Statue In Budapest, HungaryMy Profile

  5. You didn’t mention that some of this could of course be outsourced .. personally I don’t outsource anything at the moment (want to keep everything close to hand) but I am seriously considering the link building part
    Andy@WorkFromHomeIdeas recently posted…20 Ways To Earn Extra Money Part TimeMy Profile

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