5 Tips for Creating the Best Video Product Reviews on YouTube

As we all know YouTube is one of the best social media marketing platforms on the internet, and if you’re not already making the best use of it then you seriously need to rethink your marketing ideas for 2012. YouTube recently announced as you’re probably well aware that it was receiving in excess of 3 billion views per day! Mind blowing stuff huh?

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OK today I want to share with you five very effective tips to help you create the best video product reviews to post onto YouTube. The five simple tips are –

  • Keep it Short, Keep it Simple, Keep it Sweet
  • Product, Product, Product…
  • Highlight the Important Features & Benefits
  • Be Yourself
  • Video and Audio Quality is Important

create the best video product reviews on YouTube

And one… Keep it short and keep it simple; viewer’s attention spans are very limited these days, so ensure you keep your reviews short, punchy and relatively simple to follow.

And two… Remember that you’re doing video product reviews… so talk about the product you’re reviewing and nothing but the product, try and avoid venturing off onto various unrelated topics and most of all avoid talking about the weather… we Brits do nothing but talk about the weather… and today’s no exception, it’s pouring down with rain and… oh sorry I got a little carried away there… of course unless the product you’re reviewing has something to do with the weather then that’s fine.

And three… Quickly pin-point and highlight the best features and benefits of the product you’re reviewing. Your viewers will want to know why they should be buying or look to using the product or how the product itself can help them solve their problems if any… Make your points powerful too…

And four… Don’t come across as a puzzled baboon stuttering your way through your video product reviews like a jammed m, m, machine gun… the sweat on your brow will become apparent in the reflection of the light, and your viewers will instantly get the impression that you don’t have the slightest clue into what the hell it is you’re blabbering about… Be confident, be professional and above all be yourself

And five… Last but not least ensure your video and audio are of high quality before uploading them onto YouTube or publishing them onto your blog even. Your audience shouldn’t have to squint or have to struggle to hear what you’re saying, and if it’s one thing that will get your viewers clicking away it will be because your video and audio is of poor quality, so ensure that it’s not!

Follow these simple tips or at least consider them when creating your next series of video product reviews and you’ll be onto a winner.

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    With the 5 great tips that you have shared to us, we were able to gain new and fresh ideas on how we will be able to create a video using youtube. I know some may think that this is easy but the truth is, we still need enough knowledge and skills to work on it.

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    Excellent tips shared here.I love to upload my music videos and share through it to my friends across globe.I think youtube is wonderful site for all video lovers.HD videos are in great demand off late.
    I admire the content here.

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    For now, after reading your post, I hope I can make my own video almost perfectly…

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    Hope to read more of your related posts as I am sure you still have lots of great stuff to share with us.

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    Great tips for someone trying to wrap their head around how to make a pro product review. Thanks!

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    Good photo you have there. Creating videos for youtube is quite a hard thing to do, most especially if you are not used to creating videos and showing off your face off the internet. But thanks for the tips, they surely are helpful.

  • Anna

    I absolutely agree that the shorter and simpler it is, the better. Otherwise people are bored…

  • http://www.BetterBloggingWays.com/ Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays

    Good tips another thing I want to point out is you need to have a call to action for the video. That of course depends on the purpose of reviewing the product. After watching the review do you want the views to go checkout the product page, use one of your affiliate links etc

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Great input Shamelle, thanks for visiting.

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    Dear Fabrizio Van Marciano , you have published excellent tips for creating product reviews on youtube.
    If you are mixing music with low volume to the video, it will be really pleasant for one who will be watching this video. But never use your any songs in your local language since your video viewers might be international. Also shoot the video by fixing the camera somewhere so that your video will be easily viewable to the user. Thanks..

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      Thanks for the additional tip FS, pleased you enjoyed the tips

  • Alex Aguilar

    As someone who regularly posts videos on Youtube I can’t stress how important it is to get the audio right. Most consumer grade video-cameras these days have great visual clarity and can record in high definition without a hitch, but capturing audio is still a challenge. If you’re really serious about producing content for Youtube then you might want to think about investing in specialist audio-capture equipment.

  • http://beingselfemployed.org/ Pam Sheraton

    Thanks a lot for these amazing tips, another thing which I believe is important is the fact that you should insert the right keywords to make sure that people find you easily. There’s no point creating a video that will never be found by prospective viewers.

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    Hi Fab, can you tell me a good software to mix clips together?

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Shubham, I’ve always used Windows Movie Maker which is free and mixing clips is easy on this software. iMovie for Apple is free too, if you have a Mac that is. There is also something called Avid FreeDV from Avid dot com, but I’ve never tried that one. Hope this helps.